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fresh food online

In this day and age, nearly everything under the sky is able to be ordered online right from electronic items, home products, clothes, fashion accessories and also food. At the present times with enhanced technology of the internet E – catering IRCTC services provide one among the outstanding and very rewarding choices of delivering all kinds of hygienic and fresh food effectively in the train. The online availability of food has proven a boon for the frequent travelers of long distance journey.

Millions of individuals move every day throughout the nation on the train. At present e- catering IRCTC has brought about a revolution in the manner people travel and get food. India has seen tremendous growth and big advancement in the traveling by means of the esteemed Indian railways.

E – Catering IRCTC offers hygienic and fresh foods :

There has been an enormous boom in rail traffic. The need for tasty, fresh, clean, and hygienic foods can be said to be a prime issue for the people who travel in the train. Furthermore, there are present a number of restaurants that make food available on the train. You find a galore of exceptional and delicious food in diverse cuisines whether it is Hyderabadi, north Indian, South Indian, Rajasthani or any street food. You may come across abundant recipes and hence unending choices and options. Before this facility, the travelers took along food cooked in the home as food for train journey. The local sellers present at the stations vended snack products and some other type of foodstuffs. Unluckily the food that was sold was not cooked or prepared under hygienic and clean conditions. Mounting occurrences were constantly reported of adulteration in the food items, and therefore travelers were forced to face some inconveniences at the time of traveling. Hence, travelers used to abstain from taking food from local sellers and choose to take packed food. Nevertheless, for long journeys, people loved to consume fresh and hot food.

E – Catering IRCTC designed am an exceptional platform :

Comprehending the inherent and fundamental requirements of the travelers, it was Indian railway that came up with the distinctive platform so that to handle the issues related to food. Bringing in use the current SMS system abilities and swiftly improving technology e- catering was initiated. It was introduced in thirty-nine pairs of stations. In the beginning, they offered services at the stations that were limited in number. But, it came to fore that e- catering services required to expand the span of their services to fulfill the escalating needs of the food requirements of the passengers. Cashing on occasion a lot of private service providers came into the picture throughout major stations so that to cater food requirements of the travelers.

At present people choose to place an order in train for food specifically as the traveling time enhances four hours. The travelers who travel by train rely on e-catering services and place an order for food from big trusted food outlets that come on the way while moving to the destination.

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