One of the vital organs of the human body, the liver performs several important functions. The major role is being detoxifying the body and getting rid of harmful wastes. It promotes the production of red blood cells, digestion of food, synthesis of protein and sugar. It is needless to say how important it is to take care of this vital organ. Eating wrong foods can put huge pressure on this organ. However, several food items can protect the organ and keep it health for a long time. Don’t wait any longer and have these foods in your diet immediately.

1. rapefruit:


They are filled with the antioxidants called Naringenin and Naringin, that help in being a natural protective shield for the liver. The central functioning of them is to reduce inflammation and protect the fragile cells from the different harsh chemicals that regularly intake along with the processed foods.

2. Oatmeal: 


If you are looking for a food item that keeps your liver healthy and along with help you you shred some weight then look no futher than a nice bowl filled with oatmeals. Many researches have shown that it is the best way to shed belly fat and keep your liver healthy.

3. Almonds:


It is known to be a rich source of vitamin E. It helps to protect against fatty liver disease. They are extremely good for the human heart as well. That is why it says, never say no to almonds.

4. Coffee:


Very few of us know that the coffee helps to protect the liver from damage caused by too much alcohol consumption. It acts as a buffer against any such damage. It may also lower the risk of liver cancer.

5. Broccoli:


Many Several studies suggest that veggies like broccoli helps to protect you from the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Some people don’t like taking it boiled , shred it into a slaw and toss with some nuts and garlic.

6. Green tea:

Green tea


We are aware of the immense medicinal benefit of having green tea. An antioxidant called catechin found in green tea may help protect your body from liver cancer. Several studies suggest that consuming green tea whether hot or cold is beneficial for human body.

If you intent to keep your liver in proper condition don’t abstain from having these precious food items in your diet. You can easily order them from Ebay, and don’t forget to eye for Ebay Offers and Ebay deals. Happy Liver.

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