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Across the globe, most celebrities have been involved in some controversy in their careers. But today, we talk about the 13 famous celebrities who find themselves in a new controversy at an alarming frequency.  

What we have noticed while researching top controversial celebrities is that controversies make them more popular. Furthermore, from Hollywood to the Royal family, most celebrities faced a controversy or two when in the limelight.   

Additionally, these 13 top famous celebrities might maintain their privacy and have a large PR team to navigate controversies. However, they still cannot avoid being in controversies because of their popularity.   

Furthermore, the media loves these popular celebrities and cannot wait for them to get into controversies to earn the bucks. Sometimes, you will hear controversies about these celebrities that are false and created because of their popularity.   

Isn’t it hard to live when people eat up your controversies even if they are not true? Want to know who these celebrities are who are favorites of the controversial god? Then you might want to read this article to the end.    

Top 13 Famous Celebrities With Controversies   

You can already guess some of the 13 top famous celebrities because they are always in the limelight because of controversies.  

Be it for a picture or for ruining a timeless piece of dress previously worn by a celebrity; controversies love these individuals.   

So, let’s learn which 13 famous celebrities will top the list of controversial celebrities.   

Kim Kardashian   

We are sure that the god of controversy loves the Kardasian-Jenner family, but some more than others. Firstly, we have Kim Kardashian on the list. You will not find another famous celebrity with many controversies surrounding them.    

Firstly, there was her sex tape leak with Ray J that made her famous in the first place. Secondly, you will find her nude Playboy cover that she proudly shared on her social media.    

Thirdly, her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries, which people claim was a publicity stunt. Fourthly, her cover on Turkish Cosmopolitan on Armenia’s Genocide Remembrance Day shows her respect for money and not her heritage.   

Lastly, you will find several other instances where Kim Kardashian was at the forefront of controversy. 

For instance, Kim might be responsible for the destruction of Marilyn Monroe’s famous ‘Happy Birthday’ dress when she wore it at the Met Gala. Did you know Kim Kardashian paid nothing to wear this dress even after having a huge net worth in billions?  

If you wish to know Kim Kardashian net worth read this article.  The list can go on, but let’s move on to famous celebrities who are controversial.   

Kylie Jenner

You already know the next name on the list. It’s the little sister of Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner.  

The little sister followed her elder sister’s footsteps to become a controversial celebrity. Among famous female celebrities who are also businesswomen, Kylie Jenner became the first self-made billionaire.   

This news created a whole debate about what is defined as self-made. Can you be called self-made if you already had millions of inheritances when you started?  

Furthermore, businesswomen with no inheritance started questioning their self-made title because of the cosmetic tycoon.   

Additionally, you will hear other controversies about Kylie Jenner, like her denying lip fillers or bad quality products. She had cosmetic surgery to redefine her lips, but she credits her lipliners. We wonder what her cosmetic surgeon has to say about that.   

Will Smith   

Third on the list, we have one of the highest paid black actors Will Smith, and his list of controversies. Even before the infamous ‘Oscar Slap’ in 2022, he had many other controversies.  

Among the famous black celebrities, he has been in controversies for several reasons, from cheating scandals to open marriage rumors.    

If we were to highlight some of his scandals, it would be his 2013 cheating rumor with Margot Robbie. Several pictures are still online of them getting cozy and goofy with each other on the Focus sets.   

Then, there was the interview with GQ where Smith says, “Jada never believed in conventional marriage…There were significant endless discussions about, what is relational perfection? And for the large part of our relationship, monogamy was what we chose, not thinking of monogamy as the only relational perfection.” 1

This opened the discussion about his relationship with his wife on the internet and several other controversies surrounding his relationship.   

Ariana Grande   

On the fourth position, we find Ariana Grande among the famous celebrities who have many controversies.   

Firstly, there was a cheating scandal with Ethan Slater while she was married. Secondly, it was her divorce from Dalton Gomez during her cheating scandal, adding fire to the controversy.   

Thirdly, her ‘blackfishing’ controversies that went on over the years. Lastly, her other controversies include Asian culture exploitation and several cheating scandals.   

Miranda Kerr   

Even Miranda Kerr’s modelesque looks failed to satisfy her vanity on a photoshoot.  This led to edits in her image that netizens noticed and were quick to comment about.   

You can search for her 2013 manipulated picture of Tokyo and see the image online. Additionally, Kerr has another scandal to her name, but it is not her fault because of who she dated.  

Kerr dated Jho Low, a businessman based in Malaysia who was convicted in the 1Malasia Development Berhad scandal. You can find the controversy details online, where she had to surrender her jewelry which Low had given her.   

Kendall Jenner

On sixth position, you have another Kardashian-Jenner sister on the list, Kendal Jenner.    

Among famous celebrities who are models, Kendal Jenner has the reputation of being the mean girl.  

She tried repeatedly to prove her innocence as not a mean girl and failed.    

Additionally, there is a major controversy about Kendall leaving little to no tips for servers in restaurants.  

Furthermore, there were rumors about her photoshopping multiple pictures to show a picture-perfect body image, which unfortunately did not match her reality.  

Lastly, Kendall’s Pepsi commercial. 

Kris Jenner   

Seventh on the list is Kris Jenner, or the “Mommager” herself, on the list of controversies. From being accused of sharing Kim’s sex tape with the public to getting famous to manipulating pictures to look young, she has been involved in many controversies.   

Britney Spear   

Britney Spears ranks eighth among the list of famous celebrities who are controversial. 

You might have some memories of her famous controversy about her 13-year conservatorship. 

Additionally, there was controversy about her Instagram nude post that raised several eyebrows and questions about her state of mind.   

Then, there was the controversy about Justin Timberlake’s accusation of her cheating on him in his song, ‘Cry Me A River.’    

Furthermore, in her memoir ‘The Woman in Me,’ she bares her soul about her struggles. In the memoir, she shares her turmoil-filled relationship with Timberlake and how she had to abort her child with him.    

This created a lot of discussion among netizens on how men frame the narrative in Hollywood while women suffer. Besides Timberlake, Spear has controversies with other people she dated.    

John Mayer   

Among famous male celebrities, John Mayer has caused some major controversies because of his high-profile dating list. He is, therefore, placed ninth on this list.    

Firstly, there is the controversy that he is manipulative and toxic, which several of the singer’s ex-girlfriends have expressed. Secondly, his lewd comments about Jennifer Love Hewitt caused uproar among her fans.   

Thirdly, when he confessed about ending his relationship with Jennifer Aniston, saying, “I’m the asshole. I burned the American flag. I basically murdered an ideal… because I don’t want to waste somebody’s time if something’s not right.”2

Fourthly, his controversy lists include Photoshop and the fallout with Taylor Swift among other controversies.   

Kate Middleton   

You have Kate Middleton on the tenth spot, married to Prince William, heir to the British throne. Even with all the PR and security, the Princess of Wales couldn’t escape controversies.    

In 2024, The Royal house proclaims that she is having an abdominal surgery and would not attend public events.  

This news led to speculations about her health and relationship with Prince William. Then came the badly photoshopped image of her with her children that fueled the speculation that it was more of a cover-up.    

You see, the controversy took a turn towards the worse when speculations were made that Prince Willian cheated on her.  

This led to the couple living separately and co-parenting. However, later, this claim was put to rest when Kate herself informed the public about her fight with cancer.   

Micheal Jackson   

The King of Pop, Micheal Jackson, in 1993, had the biggest controversy around him. He was accused of being a child molester and was tried because of it. Later it was found not guilty of these charges.  

Additionally, in his death, he was surrounded by controversy that he faked his death. It was speculated that because he wanted to escape the limelight, he faked his death.  

 Furthermore, he had several other controversies surrounding his life. We will share them with you in another blog so stay tuned to our website!   

Bill Cosby   

On the twelfth spot, we have one of the famous black celebrities, Bill Cosby. Even after being one of the highest-paid black actors, he has several controversies to his name. Some of these are as follows:  

Firstly, his harsh criticism of lower-income African Americans.   

Secondly, his rape and sexual assault charges against him were made by various ladies he dated in the 1960s.   

Thirdly, we have got a conviction for three sexual assault incidents, and he was sent to jail. Furthermore, the court decision was overturned, and he was released from prison.   

R. Kelly   

Among other famous celebrities, R. Kelly, the musician, had several controversies.  

Firstly, you have the repeated sex trafficking and racketeering incidents of R. Kelly.  

Secondly, there was a violation of the MANN Act, for which he was also found guilty.  

Thirdly, after being found guilty, he was imprisoned for 30 years. 


So, with fame and money comes the burden of being scrutinized by all the audiences across the globe. At the same time, others take advantage of fame but pay a heavy price for it through controversies.  

These controversies damage their reputation and sometimes their career as well.  Furthermore, some controversies are fake, but people still believe them.  

So, what are your thoughts about celebrity controversies? Do you think it’s part of being famous and staying in the limelight? Or do you think them to be useless?  

Share with us your thoughts on these popular celebrities and the controversies surrounding them.

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