If You Like Marvel Movies, Then You would Love These!

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movies like the marvels

Are you a Marvel fan? If so, then, of course, you miss the kind of movies it once produced, right? The legacy of Iron Man or Captain America is something of an enigma that has been missing in Marvel movies for quite some time now!

For movie lovers, the experience of watching a movie must not be limited to being satisfied but also to bringing something more to the table. Imagination and passion must be part of it, just like you imagine a scenario of Marvel vs DC!

The list of these movies will give you more exposure and knowledge. Keep reading to be impressed!

If You Like Marvel Movies, Then You will Love Them!

Marvel Movies

Marvel is good at superhero movies, fantasy-based plots, and sci-fi action movies! Comparing with them might be a difficult experience, but of course, we have movies outside the Marvel production house that will give you equal satisfaction.

It is also important to watch a movie because of its narrative, or you will never enjoy it! For example, recent movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, such as “The Marvels”, have been so bad at the box office that they are considered the worst Marvel movie to date!

Yet, at one point, movies by Marvel were something that people waited for. Watch the following movies to experience the same excitement and engagement as a viewer!

The Old Guard (2020)

The Old Guard (2020)

A Netflix original, this movie is my recent favorite! No other film has been able to top “The Old Guard” for me. We have a group of mercenaries fighting to protect people, but what is unique about them? These individuals are all centuries-old immortals who can heal themselves.

The group of actors is led by the beautiful and talented Charlize Theron, who portrays Andy (Andromeda), the leader of the mercenaries. Others in her group were Nicky, Joe, and Sebastian, who fought to protect their freedom, but groups were working against them to capture them.

The secret of immortality, fight sequences, and the action-packed emotional tug will give you an amazing experience. I would be lying if I said I was satisfied. The movie left me asking for more, and I keep hoping that there will be more movies exploring these century-old warriors.

Well, guess what? We might be getting a sequel to The Old Guard, as there has been news of the second part being filmed in September 2022! As of April 2024, we have no announcements or updates.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)

King Arthur_ Legend of the Sword (2017)

Yes, I agree! When I fall for a movie, the actors and the plot are often involved. I am sure you have already realized that I have a thing for the past, ancient stories, history, and lore. We all know about King Arthur, but this movie presents a modern yet magical version.

Actor Charlie Hunnam plays the role of Arthur, who lives in the city’s back alleys and has no idea of his birthright. However, he has always helped others by doing odd jobs until he pulls the sword, Excalibur, from the stone.

Director Guy Richie has spun magic with his direction as the combination of music score and acting takes the movie to another level. Do not listen to the critics; this movie will feel more inherently familiar regarding anachronism.

Some scenes could have been better. However, the movie is as polished as possible, telling the fantasy tale mixed with the Arthurian myth of the story as old as time. So, yes, it is one of the movies like the Marvels!

Divergent (2014)

Divergent (2014)

Inspired by the book, the story of Tris, a girl different from others who face challenges in the American Dystopian science fiction action movie, is set in a futuristic world where teenagers are categorized based on their abilities or powers.

Every individual has one power, and accordingly, they are given roles in their society. But what happens when someone has more than one power or ability? The government or higher authorities isolate them and remove them from society. This is very similar to the consistent social issues we experience daily. 

The protagonist fights the authorities and her people to make others aware of the brave new world. In this competitive world, people can kill each other for their own benefit, and Tris, portrayed by Shailene Woodley, unravels society and its rules.

It is one of the coolest movie series of our time —there are three: Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant. The plot has action as part of an emotional journey, not just some mindless fights! If you are curious about Shaileen Woodley’s package in this movie, imagine the net worth of Anthony Mackie?

Big Hero 6 (2014)

Big Hero 6 (2014)

An American animated superhero movie, Big Hero 6 will make you laugh, cry, and feel emotions buried deep inside you. Released by Walk Disney, it feels like a revolutionary movie for me as the plus-sized inflatable robot Baymax teams up with prodigy Hiro Hamada.

The movie teaches us the importance of “Avenging.” Does that sound familiar? Do you see what I did there? Yes, it is a mission where a team of high-tech heroes come together to give us this action-packed adventure along with captivating the audiences with stunning visuals and humor.

You will hear Ryan Potter in the role of Hiro Himada and Scott Adsit as Baymax! Other significant characters include Honey Lemon, Alistair Krei, and others whose performances have created a beautiful story.

Robocop (2014)

Robocop (2014)

If you are a fan of Iron Man, I am giving you a movie about another armored suit warrior: Robocop! The 2014 movie is not just an action movie but also an emotional roller coaster that shows a personal side to the story. This is one of the movies that is like the Marvel movies!

You see the story of Detective Alex Murphy, who is on the edge of death after an attempted murder! Almost most of his body was blasted after criminal’s planted bombs in his car. That is when a technology company steps in to transform him into Robocop.

With the robot body, Murphy still suffers from all those mental traumas of his accident; he is unable to adjust. You will be heartbroken when you see him separating from his family due to this issue!

However, throughout the process of being a true police officer, even in his robot body, he tries to solve his own murder case. When you watch the movie, you will see how Tony Stark looks from inside his suit, with a very similar vibe and interaction level with the audience.

Watchmen (2009)

Watchmen (2009)

The movie starts with a death! Do you need anything else after this as an incentive to watch the movie? Rorschach, a vigilante, starts investigating the death. The man who died was another vigilante, one of his former companions. They were a group of vigilantes who worked together at one point!

The movie is a reunion of vigilantes and a conspiracy to pick them apart individually. When you watch a plot that threatens to become a full-scale war, you feel like you are watching one of the movies like The Marvels.

Some of the finest actors are in this movie, including Jackie Earle Haley, who plays the role of Rorschach, while Patrick Wilson turns into Nite Owl II. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is also in flashbacks as we watch him die at the beginning of the movie.

There is also Carla Gugino as Sally Jupiter and Billy Crudup portraying the role of Doctor Manhattan while we see Mathew Goode as Ozymandias.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)

Hellboy II_ The Golden Army (2008)

There is a prequel to this movie, Hellboy I, but it is mostly based on the protagonist’s struggles. Let us explore why I feel this movie will give you a vibe like Marvel movies. Director Guillermo del Toro’s vision is stunning, coupled with amazing acting and a sound score.

The plot is, of course, based on the fate of mankind. Like in any other Marvel movie, you will experience a superhero trying to protect the people of the world. Apparently, a ruthless prince awakens an unstoppable army of creatures.

Ron Perlman plays Hellboy, and along with him, you get to see Selma Blair as Liz Sherman! How can we forget Doug Jones, the assistant of Hellboy Abe Sapien?

These two are the leads, with whom we have other actors, including Luke Goss, who plays Prince Nuada, and Anna Walton, who plays Princess Nuala.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)

The movie was one of my favorites as a child, especially when it came to some of the characters I had read about in my storybooks, such as Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde, Dorian Gray, and Jim Moriarty.

The movie’s plot was contemporary fantasy, set in an alternate Victorian-age world where adventure characters and fictional men team up. They are going on a secret mission, the details of which only Captain Nemo is aware of.

The goal is to stop the evil character Fantom, who is on the verge of starting a world war! The characters in the movie are Mina Harker, the vampire chemist; Captain Nemo, the Quartermain; Rodney Skinner, the invisible thief; Dorian Gray, the immortal; and Tom Sawyer, the U.S. Secret Service Agent.

Now that I have grown up, I realize the plot is loose and extravagant, not justifying any purpose. However, there are some Marvel movies that you can consider the same. So, give it a watch if you are nostalgic about your childhood!

Finishing Off…

In short, movies like the Marvels list end; hence, you must go through them and choose your poison. It is also important to identify that most of these movies do not belong to any franchise; instead, they are so blatantly action-packed, along with an emotional plot, that you will enjoy them.

You can improve your movie-watching skills by following this list and combining it with your perspective on a better movie experience! I am here to assure you that the above list will make sure that you have fun like the movies in Marvel, if not more.

Comment on which movie in this list you have watched to date and why you like it.

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