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Doritos New Logo 2022 – Has Doritos Changed Their Logo In 2022?

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Doritos New Logo

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Nachos?” I am 200% sure that it’s Doritos, right? We are so very much familiar with the colorful and vibrant Doritos logo that we are literally fascinated with it. But do you know that’s already changed 9 times? Recently, a question about Doritos New Logo 2022 is increasingly popping out from the consumers

Is Doritos Changing Their Logo in 2022? Has Doritos New Bag already come out? Was there a Doritos New Logo 2022? We will be answering all these queries here.

Stay tuned with us and keep reading.

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Background Idea Of Doritos

Before addressing the central question about Doritos’ new logo, what about some introduction about the brand we are talking about?

Well, Doritos is an American brand of flavored tortilla chips. The name has been a key player in the American and global snacks market since 1964. Doritos is owned by a subsidiary of PepsiCo named Frito-Lay. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the favorites of the younger generation when it comes to chips and nachos.

How Many Times Doritos New Logo Came Up?

How  Many Times Doritos New Logo Came Up

If you ask about Doritos Logo Evaluation, I can write a history book with these. Basically, the logo of Doritos holds great significance as the Intellectual property of the company. The simplicity, classiness, and advanced graphic elements of that famous Nach-shaped Triangle have always kept the logo memorable.

Below is the chronology of Doritos Logo Change periodically. Take a look:

Doritos Logo 1964 – 1973

Doritos Logo 1964 - 1973

The original version featured a simple wordmark with 7 vertical rectangles, comprising 3 orange and 4 yellow colors. 

Doritos Logo 1973-1979

Doritos Logo 1973-1979

The version in 1973 had a brown updated wordmark and altered color schemes for the 7 rectangles. The 2nd update consisted of cream and dark yellow shades with a bolder brown wordmark and the tagline Tortilla Chips below the emblem.

Doritos Logo 1985- 1992

Doritos Logo 1985- 1992

In the letter, I finally got a triangle instead of a dot. This 1985 version was more colorful, free of two rectangles, composed of 2 red and 3 yellow colors.

Doritos Logo 1992- 1997

Doritos Logo 1992- 1997

This redesign had no rectangles, and there was a bold wordmark and a yellow outline. Additionally, there were red zigged triangles and a yellow chip as well.

Doritos Logo 2000-2005

Doritos Logo 2000-2005

This Doritos logo redefinition had the previous design already with a few changed colors. The caption was white with a red outline along with a designer introduced tagline – corn chips in caps and a black frame.

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Doritos Logo 2005 – 2013

Doritos Logo 2005 - 2013 (1)

The black triangular frame lasted for 6 years with a hint of blue around it. Although the tagline “corn chips in caps and a black frame” was removed, the inscription was kept intact.

Doritos Logo 2013- Present

Doritos Logo 2013- Present

This update was a 3D one, intended to target only North American audiences. The specialty here was a styled triangle above the name of the brand along with a shadowed fiery triangle. The next modernized version of the New Doritos Logo had a thick and smooth wordmark and triangle. There is also a tiny yellow triangle above the letter. 

Doritos Logo Now-The Final One

This is the last and final update that is still in place to date. It looks fiercely charismatic with color gradients like orange, red, and yellow.

Was There A Doritos New Logo In 2022? The Truth Unveiled

Was there a Doritos logo new logo 2022 or 2020? The shortest and simplest answer to it is NO; there isn’t any. Nonetheless, there has been a rumor hovering around that there is already a New Doritos Bag, but it’s not true. I am going to explain here what the actual scenario is.

It’s true that till 2013, Doritos Logo change was a continuous process. To be specific, the Doritos Logo change started in 1973 and continued up to 2013. Considering GenZ’s zero interest in branding, Dorritos adopted a new approach. Recently, it has launched a digital advertising campaign without any brand name or logo. It was only an effort to target the young, advertising-repulsive generation.

Therefore, the answer to “ Is The New Doritos Logo Real?” is NO; it’s just hearsay hovering all around. People are misunderstanding this campaign as Doritos New Logo 2020, and 2022, resulting in so many tittle-tattles.

Why We Love Doritos Logo So Much Even After Repeated Changes?

Even after changing the Doritos logo 9 times, the designers managed to make people fall in love with the emblem. Here are a few key reasons behind it:

  • The logo is Readable
  • It’s Versatile
  • The Logo is extremely unique
  • It’s memorable
  • It’s super simple

How That Doritos New Logo 2022 Concept Went Viral?

I have already mentioned above that the New Doritos Logo 2022 rumor was speculation and nothing else. But how did it all start?

Some random page on Instagram based in the UK had posted it, and this was the epicenter. Later, this message started laying out all over TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter. There were a series of shares, and retweets following this, and people started thinking there will be a new Doritos Logo Change 2022.

Now, after everything has fallen in place, it is possible to say with utmost confidence,

Is Doritos Changing Their Logo? – No, there is no such news till now.

You can check the Insta post from here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Is Dorito Changing Their Logo 2022?

Doritos didn’t change its logo in 2022. In 2022 also, by now, there is no news regarding the Doritos new logo 2022. However, regarding this, there was a significant amount of confusion on social media.

Q2. Are Rainbow Doritos Real?

Yes, Rainbow Doritos really do exist. It actually supports the LGBTQ+ youth community. Back in the year 2015, it was officially launched in partnership with a non-profit organization, “It Gets Better Project.”

Q3. How Many Times Has Doritos Changed Their Logo?

For approximately 6 decades, the Doritos logo change happened over 9 times. It was a consistent effort from the think tanks of the brand to keep it relevant. However, in spite of the changes, it has maintained a unique and consistent image.

Q4. Why Did Doritos Change Logo?

Doritos, the snack giant, introduced a new ad campaign that features no brand logo or name separately. The principal intention behind it was to attract an advertising-averse and younger generation.

The Fake Rebrand Strategy!

When you are reading about this article, then obviously you learn about the unexpected approaches along with bold favors. Doritos is known for their diverse marketing approaches as they offer perspectives that are unexpected but some of the classics.

The brand has given bold flavors to its audience so snacking on it will help you integrate the purpose. However, there has not been any huge change in Doritos even though there have been such digital changes being made across the world.

You also have to remember the little changes that the brand has made considering they have made those changes to boldly stand out. However, the strategies that has been implemented have been normal. The issue is that the news of rebranding through logo raised a lot of hu ha!

People were curious about all those rebrand strategies and how it can be implemented to achieve on a larger scale!

The Final Words About Doritos New Logo

That’s all about the confusion your mind piled up throughout all these days regarding Dorito’s new logo. The bottom line is there wasn’t any Doritos New Bag or Doritos New Logo 2020/2022. People misunderstood the marketing campaign and spread hearsays about the rebranding and logo changes. Also, there isn’t any update or indication from the company owners about the Doritos any Doritos New Bag.

Do you have any unknown facts like this to share with us about your favorite brands? Share your insights with us in the comment area below. We would love to hear you out.

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