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I enjoy writing and I write quality guest posts on topics of my interest and passion. I have been doing this since my college days. My special interests are in health, fitness, food and following the latest trends in these areas. I am an editor at OnlineNewsBuzz.
Buying Your First Car
Points to Examine Before Buying Your First Car

Buying your first car comes with an exciting experience despite how confusing it can be. You have to manage a lot, starting from planning to get the best car. You need to ask yourself questions such as, do you need….

BY Arina Smith
Beginner’s Guide to Loans
Money Matters: A Beginner’s Guide to Loans

One of the most adult things that a kid can witness is the ability to conjure money out of nothing. Resourceful adults who might be struggling financially one minute will be able to breathe freely the next because they have….

BY Arina Smith
Additional Functions of A Hearing Aid
The Amazing Additional Functions of A Hearing Aid

Hearing loss or deafness can not only be a pain, but it can also bring your life upside down!!! Not only that, but it can also put a person to depression, and this, in turn, can prove fatal. The percentages….

BY Arina Smith
Rights In A Pullover
What Are Your Rights In A Pullover?

A traffic stop or pullover is a routine officer’s duty. But, many people are bothered by being pulled over, especially if they’re guilty of having a few drinks or taking drugs beforehand. It’s advisable to stay calm and avoid being….

BY Arina Smith
Limited Company vs. Sole Trader
Limited Company vs. Sole Trader: Spotting the Differences

Company setups can differ significantly. However, two of the most famous business structures are the sole trader and the limited company. Below, we’ll look into some of their differences What is a Sole Trader? A sole trader is a person….

BY Arina Smith
Women's Empowerment
Top 5 Ways Education Can Contribute To Women's Empowerment

Data, statistics, and reports show that nations that have a high percentage of educated women do well in terms of- Better economic conditions, higher GDPs, and income-generating Have improved healthcare systems and infrastructure in place as compared to others. Incidents….

BY Arina Smith
Digital Public Relations For B2B Businesses
Digital Public Relations For B2B Businesses: What You Need To Know

In the past few years, I have spoken to numerous heads at B2B businesses and all of them seem to have the same grouse. The digital does not work for them in the same way it does for their B2C….

BY Arina Smith
WordPress Plugins for Online Store
Dev & Design
10 Must-have WordPress Plugins for Online Store

WordPress is the world’s largest Content Delivery Network (CDN) and 1/3rd of all websites today are using WordPress. It is the most renowned, versatile, reliable, and user-friendly platform for beginners as well as for tech-savvy people. Moreover, a robust infrastructure….

BY Arina Smith
Proxy Server
Troubleshooting with Proxy Server: Best solutions

If you are experiencing any issues with your proxy servers, you should first check the internet connection and whether your browser extensions result in those issues. Sometimes it makes sense to try using a proxy on different devices to find….

BY Arina Smith
Rules and Tactics for Forex Trading
Basic Rules and Tactics for Forex Trading

Forex trading is a profession that can allow you to earn money independently. If you are feeling bored with the same 9 am to 5 jobs, try this sector and you will not be disappointed. Thousands of traders in this….

BY Arina Smith