It is quite a difficult task to run a food service business. There are so many operations which need to be taken care of. For instance, you have to keep a note of the quantity of the products that are going to be over, you need someone to do the finances of the restaurant, managing the staff is an important issue, the addition of new dishes or new recipes in the menu, etc. The most important thing among all is how you will manage the uneaten food or the food wastage.

The restaurants and hotels face lots of issues regarding garbage disposal related to food and other items like plastic plates, glasses, napkins, etc. It is essential to get rid of them from time to time. That is why they hire skips of the required size. There are many reputed companies online which must be contacted to hire the skip and manage the waste in a proper way.

On the other hand, it is important to adopt some measures to manage waste products in the foodservice industry. They are mentioned below in detail.

Effective Tips To Reduce The Food Wastage In Restaurants And Food Chains:

1. Stop Over Buying Food Products:

You should buy only those products that are generally used in the kitchen. Do not just over-buy them. Look into different software, like cloud-based POS software that can help you manage food stock and run the day-to-day operations effectively. In addition to this, read the expiry date of the products before buying them and do not get them in huge quantity to prevent the wastage. If you buy stuff more than required then they will be left unused in the storage and therefore, they will be spoiled if kept for a longer period of time. This will not only waste the food products but also your hard owned money.

2. Stock Rotation Is Must:

Have you heard about the FIFO rule? FIFO means First In and First Out. Make use of this rule to store the food and display it for the sale. This also states that you should place the new stocks right behind the old ones so that the old ones are used first. This way, there will be less wastage of food.

3. Proper Storage Is Important:

Check the temperature of the refrigerator placed in your restaurant's kitchen. Make it a habit to store the foods with low risk on higher shelves. Rest will go to the lower ones. Keep the fridge clean to avoid bad odor. The fridge maintains the quality of the food and prevents the production of bacteria.

4. Indulge In Proper Labeling Of The Food Products:

It is an important task and you must do it carefully. If the food products are decanted then make it sure that the cans are neatly labeled with food production, date information, and allergens. In case it comes with additional information then go ahead and mark that on the container too. This way, it will be easy for you to analyze what should be thrown or stored.

If you buy stuff more than required then they will be left unused in the storage and therefore, they will be spoiled if kept for a longer period of time. This will not only waste the food products but also your hard owned money. Therefore, A roboust restaurant POS system will provide you with efficient inventory management.

5. Charity And Food Banks Are Always The Best Option:

Get connected with the charity organizations or the local food bank to donate what is left at the end of the day. It is better to donate the food or related products to the charity than to waste it.

6. Recycle The Products In The Kitchen:

Recycling makes it simple to deal with the stuff of daily use in the kitchen like cardboard, plastics, glass cups, etc. It is also a good way to conserve the environment. Many of the restaurants in UK practice recycling which is the best option.

7. Conduct Food Waste Audits On a Regular Basis:

In order to keep a check on the food wastage, you should first find out the quantity of the food which is getting wasted on a regular basis. The waste audit will do the same which in turn will help in the reduction of food wastage.

Keep in mind two main factors in order to conduct this audit properly. The first thing is to determine the number of leftovers. The second thing is to study the number of people that come to your restaurant. Analyze these two points to get details regarding how the wastage can be curbed in an effective way.

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