10 street food that makes Delhi a foodie’s delight

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Delhi Food

Yeh Delhi hai mere yaar, bus ishq, mohobbat aur pyaar!! But the most important thing that Delhi is famous for its street food. The mouth-watering, spicy, sweet, finger-licking yummy food that is available at any point in time at every other corner of the streets. The capital of this country has been ruled by many rulers and they brought their culture and food heritage to this place along with them. People from all parts of the country come and stay here and this leads to the rising of different cuisines and food variety in this place.

Delhi hai dil waalon ki and it welcomes all its visitors with rich and varied cuisines that are not only served in leading restaurants but real Delhi food is enjoyed on the streets. From hot and spicy chole kulche to burf ka gola, from finger-licking chur chur naan to sizzling soya chaap you name it and you get it here. The daulat ki chaat that is only made in winters can be enjoyed from the street vendors of old Delhi or if you love Chinese then there are desi chowmein served with an Indian touch. You can easily grab these food items sitting at home by ordering it from the online food ordering app like swiggy and can also avail huge discounts by using different swiggy promo codes available on the store’s website and mobile app as well.

The top 10 street foods that are a must grab in Delhi are:

1. Gol gappa :

The most loved street food by all females is the famous gol gappas also known as Pani puri or puchkas. The eatable actually originated from Bihar, where it is known as “phoolki”. Golgappa is English means “watery bread”. It is a small ball made from sooji or atta. Gol gappas are stuffed with a mash of potatoes and peas and are enjoyed with saunth (sweet chutney) and water which is made from a mixture of different spices like jeera, heeng, imli, aamchoor, and dhaniya powder. This food item is spicy and sour and brings water to anyone’s mouth. Gol gappas are available on every other corner of the streets.  This street food is very economical and can be hogged for a price between Rs 20-40. The best way to enjoy this dish is to eat it from the street vendors and not from any restaurant.

Gol gappa 

2. Matar kulche :


Matar kulcha is one of the most loved street foods of North India. It is a Punjabi dish and hence is spicy and delicious. The yellow peas are boiled and cooked in a thick curry and topped with loads of onions, tomatoes and green chilies. A special spice is also added to the peas which consists of salt, red pepper, black pepper, heeng and garam masala which gives it a luxurious aroma. The peas are eaten with kulcha i.e.; fermented bread which is heated with butter or ghee and then served. The dish has a spicy tangy taste and is easily available at a pocket-friendly price of Rs 30-50.

3. Aloo Chaat :


Aloo chaat is famous street food from North India. The dish originated at the time of partition when there was a lack of amenities that made people eat boiled potatoes with salt and chilies. Later on, the dish was innovated according to the taste and now is consumed with loads of spicy green chutney and masalas. The dish has a spicy and tangy flavor and is also enjoyed with curd in some parts. Vendors also top it up with spring onions to give it a good look. The street food is a quick eat and can be grabbed for Rs 20 for a plate.

Aloo Chaat

4. Samosas :


Samosas or samosa is a Punjabi snack made with a soft and crispy covering of maida and is stuffed with a filling of potatoes, peas, paneer, and nuts. It is a deep-fried snack that is relished with green mint chutney or with sweet red-colored chutney. It is best eaten when hot and is also served with chole on some streets on Old Delhi. Samosas are the most loved snack between the young generation. It is easily available for Rs 10-15 per piece in different parts of the city.


5. Tikki chaat :

A mouth devouring hot and crisp aloo Tikki is a must-try snack when you are in Delhi. Aloo Tikki is a Punjabi snack which is actually potatoes mixed with green chilies, salt, and red pepper and is then deep-fried. It is topped with green and red chutney and is served with curd. Vendors also decorate it with pomegranate and beetroot to give it a beautiful look. The snack is available at all the street vendors from a low cost of Rs 35-40. Add some chole to the Tikki and enjoy it once hot. The dish has a tingling and spicy taste and can also be adjusted according to your taste preference.

6. Daulat ki chaat :


Daulat ki chaat is a mystery dish of Delhi. It has its origins from the Mughal era. This is a sweet and smooth dish that is only available in winters in the busy streets of Old Delhi. Daulat ki chaat is also known as mali Makhan and nimki in some parts of the country. It is basically frothy and foamy butter which is cooked with loads of elaichi, Kesar, and sugar. It got its name from the royal people as it was considered a royal dish and was served to the kings only. Now you can enjoy this yummy grab on from Chandni chowk in Delhi for Rs 50 only.

7. Pav bhaji :


Pav bhaji is basically a Maharashtrian dish that consists of a mash of different veggies boiled and cooked together with loads of spices added to it to give it a spicy taste. It is eaten along with pav which is a bun cooked in butter. The dish is served with onion rings and lemon. Check out the whole recipe here to make yummy and tasty pav bhaji at your home. It gives you a different aroma and tangy taste. The snack can be eaten with green chutney also. A plate of this yummy food item can be grabbed for Rs 50 from any street vendor or you can eat it from a very famous food joint of Delhi: BTW.

8. Burf ka gola :


Who can forget the famous gola of India Gate when we talk about street foods of Delhi? This gola is actually crushed ice that is stuck on a wooden stick and is topped with different flavors of liquids which give it a colorful look and sweet taste. People also sprinkle salt and squeeze lemon on it to give it a tangy flavor. Gola is also known as kala khatta in some parts. It is a summertime eatable and is best enjoyed on the streets of India gate. You can easily grab it for Rs 20-40 according to your size and flavor preference.

9. Ram ladoo :


When talking about ladoos the first thing that comes to our mind is a round ball which is sweet but these ram ladoos are different. They are round but not sweet instead they are spicy and sour. Ram ladoos are basically moong daal balls that are deep-fried with green chilies and are topped up with raddish, onions, and green chutney. They are one of the most loved street food of Delhi and can easily be found on the streets especially from Lajpat Nagar. It is a very cheap snack that can be hogged on for just Rs 15-20 per plate.

10. Chole bhatoore :


Last but not the least item on the list is the famous Punjabi dish which no one can resist eating is Chole bhatoore. It consists of kabuli chana which is boiled and cooked with loads and loads of spices. The chole is eaten along with bhatooras which are made from maida and curd which has been left to ferment for a night. The dish is enjoyed with onions and pickles. A complete delight for every foodie, chole bhatoore can be grabbed from any street vendor for Rs 30-50. Add a huge glass of lassi along and relish your taste buds with this complete feast.

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Conclusion :

Food is considered a delight for every Delhiite. The streets of Delhi are a treasure of food items that are best enjoyed on the streets and the taste cannot be matched with the top-notch restaurants too. When in Delhi you must give these snacks a must try and you will not be able to forget the taste life-long. Hog on to these yummy foods and grace your inner foodie.

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