“When in Rome, do as the Romans do” is probably one of the most important and contextual proverbs in the history of the world. ‘Why so?’, you might ask, but the truth of the matter is that when it comes to food and exploring lifestyles at different places around the world, we must completely adapt to the behaviors of the locals to discover a place full to its core. This is also especially effective in reference to the local cuisine of each place we visit, and when it comes to Hawaii, which is a stunning volcanic archipelago located in the Pacific and the diverse and delicious cuisine it has to offer, the saying becomes all the more real.

Now you might ask why it is Hawaii I am particularly yapping about. Well firstly, whenever it comes to thinking about a perfect holiday destination where we can picture the beach, the sun and the sea along with the breath-taking aroma of the local cuisine the first place that comes to my mind is Hawaii. It is easy to travel and accommodation is sorted with a lot of extremely luxurious and comfortable Hawaii rentals which are available at your disposal if you are ready to splurge. And the food is absolutely a gastronomical delight.
But the ‘Aloha State’ is not only made up of that. With its scenic shorelines, adventurous hikes around the Volcanoes national park, multicolored sand beaches, Hawaii is truly a traveler’s paradise and the favorite tourist destination of a lot of people for a reason. We are only saying that the food and the cocktails (absolutely delectable and heady cocktails, by the way ) only keep adding the pros in favor of Hawaii in your list of dream destinations. So without deflecting much from the context, let us concentrate on which Hawaiian dishes you must concentrate on whenever you visit next.

The Traditional Hawaiian Plate :

Ever wondered what having almost all delectable sorts of meat (pork, chicken, beef), salmon, coconut and other things on a single platter would taste like? Well, it tastes like heaven and it has a name!! Know as the Hawaiian Plate, this platter of absolutely taste bud titillating things from a plate of rice topped with the Kalua pig, or pork or chicken laulau (wrapped in ti leaves), dried beef and salmon on the side, with a helping of poi (taro, cooked, pounded and thinned with water), and taro mixed with or without coconut cream pudding for a lip-smacking dessert. You can mix and match the items stated according to your tastes and completely gobble all the content until you pass out into a self-inflicted food coma. This is one dish you absolutely cannot miss while you are in the Hawaii islands.

All-Natural Shaved Ice :

Shaved Ice

Also, one of the most captivating gastronomical attractions in Hawaii is the ice cream which has a long history attached to it. The dish which is presently a part of the island’s farm to table movement is iconic because the Japanese workers who were contractually designated to work in the Hawaii sugar and pineapple fields brought shave ice with them to which they made from chunks of ice. The recipe is a complete all natural and is served with generous dosages of house-made syrups which makes it more irresistible. All said and done, if you are a fan of ice cream ( which all of us are so obviously ) you absolutely cannot afford to miss out gorging on this dessert, which is sure to make your vacation better with each scoop.

Saimin :

In Hawaii, it is believed that a classic bowl of Saimin can cure everything from a head sore to a heart sore. This dish has gone through an extensive evolution and what only started as a bowl of noodle soup now consists of typical trademark thin Chinese noodle with a traditional Japanese broth has evolved into a wholesome food entertainer with spam, Portuguese sausages, green onions and various other meat portions and vegetables. We are not complaining as the end result is truly mouthwatering and a dish that keeps you full and charged throughout the day.

Poke :

Another premium Hawaiian delicacy, the Poke is part of the Hawaiian lifestyle throughout age groups or socio-economic barriers. Something that is a favorite for picnics on the beach to an exquisite dinner at a star resort in Hawaii, the Poke is essentially a raw fish salad which is similar to the ceviche in more ways than one. The main dish is usually made of octopus and other complimentary fishes and has a bold taste. If you like experimenting with cuisines, rest assured the Poke is your pick of the trip.

Haupia :

It is time that we include a dessert in our top picks and this particular recognition can only go to the Haupia. The only other common ingredient for almost all of the famous delicacies of Hawaii apart from the taro leaves are coconuts. And coconuts galore it is in this particular version of a pudding where the coconut cream is mixed with some corn-starch and some arrowroot powder and cream and chilled to perfection. You can have a Haupia at any point of the day and it will have you sorted throughout your vacation.

There are many other desserts or main course dishes like the cocoa puffs, cow pig bun burgers etcetera which is definitely going to be a riot of tastes inside your mouth but let’s keep that in store for another one of our sessions. Till then, keep traveling and keep eating!!

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