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Age Celebrations
The Cultural Differences of Coming of Age Celebrations

Age is just a number. Still, people usually treat each birthday with importance and welcome it through celebration(age celebrations) since they signify another year lived through. Every birthday is important, but some are more so than others like the coming-of-age….

BY Arina Smith
Committee Members
Job & Career
Things to Do When Your Committee Members are Terrible at Their Job

When organizing an event, you need to form a Committee. You want to ensure that everyone does a great job. You can’t do everything alone, so you decide to have a team behind you. It also helps reduce the burden….

BY Arina Smith
Local Garbage Collectors
Home & garden
You Can’t Rely on Local Garbage Collectors for Proper Trash Disposal

You practice proper waste segregation at home in the hope that this small step could help make a difference. You understand the consequences of being irresponsible with your actions, and you hope that these practices at home could contribute to….

BY Arina Smith
Northern California
Northern California Road Trips To Take This Winter

Californians have a reputation for living the “endless summer” lifestyle. But there are some parts of the year when it’s not exactly beach weather. No matter if you’re in the Golden State as a visitor or resident, there are plenty….

BY Arina Smith
Traditional Attire
Traditional Garments that are Worn to this Day

Culture and tradition are essential because they give us glimpses of the past. By taking the time to learn about them, we gain inklings of how different customs came to be. Not only do we learn what living was like….

BY Arina Smith
Luxury Trip
6 Reasons Why You Should Save Up for a Luxury Trip

Traveling anywhere in the world in luxury is often safer than traveling on the cheap. We cannot deny the fact that having a luxury trip with all the bells and whistles is the best way to travel. A luxurious trip….

BY Arina Smith
baking appetizing cookies
Baking Appetizing Cookies in Italian Style This Festival Season

Do you love to try every kind of cookies available in the market? If yes, try something from Italian cuisine too. Italy is heaven for bakers because almost every Italian dish comes out of the oven. Cookies have a special….

BY Arina Smith
Things to do in Islands
Amazing Things to do in Islands with your Family

You’ll locate a lot of transportation alternatives in Thailand. The city is famous from having a strong Public Transport network. From Bangkok’s cutting-edge Skytrain framework to auto rickshaws famously referred to as tuk-tuks. While the traffic in Bangkok can be….

BY Arina Smith
Health & Fitness
How to Get Tight Down there again after Childbirth?

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions around the vagina, even in the 21st century. For instance, there are a lot of people believe that once the vagina loses its elasticity, it becomes lost forever. Well, that’s not actually….

BY Arina Smith
korean-like skin
How to Achieve Korean-like Skin?

The Korean invasion has indeed taken the world by storm. From K-pop, K-dramas, to Korean skincare and makeup, this Asian country has undeniably had a significant impact on the global pop culture. For some reason, we have become fixated on….

BY Arina Smith