Smashing a Cake For Fun – Is It Justifiable?

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Smashing Cake

Cakes are not only a blend of different ingredients and techniques but also a lot of hard work, energy, and expertise. And seriously taking up that cake just to squish, smash and smoosh it majorly for photographs doesn’t really justify the act. But this is quite common with couples having a one-year-old child. In this case, the cake is brought with the sole reason for wasting it. Unlike cake cutting, it has no history or reason, but what is surprising is that for the last decade this has become quite a popular practice in the United States and is gaining quick popularity in the United Kingdom. It is very astonishing to witness, that people actually think that destroying a beautiful cake is one of the best ways to celebrate their kid’s birthday. And most of them don’t even consider the amount of wastage involved in the process. 

Smashing Cake on each other’s face – Doesn’t it seem illogical? Let’s Find out

So what is it? The idea is to keep a delicious looking cake in front of the birthday child turning one and let him or her to create havoc on it and ruin the most of the cake and then the next step is to click a picture of that one-year old kid dipped into the cream and loaf. This is how memories are apparently created by such parents. What is more important that there are pro photographers who actually encourage this by offering them cake-smash packages? And what about the intensive cleaning session? That also is very well structured and quite pre-planned. Nowadays the planners themselves provide their clients with post-cake-smash-bath-tub-clean-up.

Imagine that there are people who are just buying a beautiful and tasty cake with the sole intention to destroy it just for photography. However, the thought itself seems to be horrifying, isn’t it? But, yes, people are implementing this idea for their 1-year old kid’s birthday party.

Now, there are people who have expressed their dissatisfaction for such a celebration. Though it is considered a personal choice, some replacements are definitely available and have been suggested very wisely i.e. couples can actually opt for cupcakes for the fun or give a piece of cake rather than offering the whole cake. And serve the rest to the guest in a manner able condition, so that all can enjoy equally, both the birthday child as well as invitees. 

Sometimes it is seen that parents tend to make this a thing-to-be-done and the babies as thought, don’t do it themselves, thus the picture clicked is only to befool the world, because it may so definitely happen that the child is not interested in the thing at all.

So, the question is why to follow such a trend where a delicious cake which was beautifully baked and frosted is being destroyed willingly. It’s just a waste of time and ingredients, no matter how cool the pics are. Why not get a cake that both baby and invitees can enjoy together,

If your little one is getting 1-year old and you are planning for his/her cake smashing birthday party, then, opt for number “One” cake. Put a slice of this cake in front of your toddler and see how similar cute and messy cake picks you to get without any wastage.

There are several online stores that are working with a zeal to make the delivery process easy and fast. No matter which location you reside in, or which city you want to make delivery, online cake stores are always there for your rescue. If you want to make cake delivery in Ahmedabad, the online store gives you the ease to enjoy the real-time feeling of visiting the cake stop and go for your favorite order.

Thus, to conclude, what is been mutually suggested is that, you must keep in mind the expense and beauty of the cake must not be destroyed like this. If it is meant for smashing, then, why not opt for a more simple and small cake, so that rather totally stopping this act, you can minimize the amount of wastage.

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