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Why a Senior Should Welcome a Dog into Their Home

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read April 7, 2021

Senior Should Welcome a Dog

Welcoming a dog into the home is a big responsibility, especially when entering your golden years. While a canine will undoubtedly require much time and attention, it can also transform an owner’s life in many positive ways.

Anyone who wants to feel happier and healthier as they grow older shouldn’t rule out pet ownership. Find out why a senior should welcome a dog into their home.

A Sense of Purpose During Retirement:

Many seniors struggle to adapt to life outside of the workplace initially.

However, the process could feel much easier with a dog by its side. As they will need to take care of a canine companion throughout the day, it can add more structure and meaning to their day.

After all, they’ll need to take them for walks, feed them, play together, and give them a bath from time to time. Plus, they’ll need to take them for routine vet exams, vaccines, and preventative care treatments at a reputable clinic, such as A dog will give a senior a reason to rise out of bed each morning, as the pooch will depend on its owner’s love and support.

Prevent Grandkids from Developing Allergies:

Prevent Grandkids from Developing Allergies

According to a study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, owning a dog or a cat could reduce children’s likelihood of developing a pet allergy by a whopping 33%. While it was once believed owning a pet could cause allergies, the research proves it can combat the issue.

So, if a senior wants to protect their grandkids while enjoying some company each day, they should welcome a pooch into their home.


Once a senior enters retirement, they might miss talking to different people each day. Welcoming a dog into their life can provide seniors with much companionship throughout the years, especially if they live alone.

A canine can prevent loneliness, social isolation, and depression, as they can make them feel loved, supported, and needed. Plus, it will provide someone else to talk to about their worries and concerns each day.

Remain Physically Active:

As most dogs will need walking at least once per day, they could encourage seniors to remain physically active. As an owner will need to care for their pet’s daily needs and play with them, they can keep their body moving throughout the day.

Therefore, dog ownership can help seniors remain fit and healthy throughout the years, increasing their lifespan and improving their quality of life.

Fewer Medical Appointments:

According to a study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, seniors over 65 who own a pet are 30% less likely to visit the doctor compared to non-pet owners. Also, the study found that while owning birds, cats, or other animals helped them avoid trips to a doctor, dogs provided a better buffer for stressful experiences.

If you want to care for your health as you grow older and have the time and love to give to a pet, consider welcoming a dog into your home.

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