The day that we all dread is the day that our dogs grow older. For most dog owners, a dog is considered family, so the thought of them growing up can be really sad. However, there are still many ways you can help your dog enjoy its older years; you just need to be careful to take extra precautions. Just like when people grow older, dogs can become more vulnerable, so they will have to adapt to not being quite as carefree as in their puppy days. Here are some tips to help look after your senior dog.

Controlling Your Dog’s Weight

When dogs get older, they lose some of the energy they would have had when they were puppies. This means that naturally through not being as active, they may gain a little weight. You need to be careful to monitor this so that your dog doesn’t end up being unhealthy or in pain.

Arthritis is a common side effect in dogs when they reach their golden years, so this is another reason why it is particularly important to monitor the weight of your dog, as being overweight can put more strain on them. Click here to learn more about how to do weight loss arthritis management in dogs.

Being Careful with Exercise


When your pup was young and full of energy, you may have been used to taking it on long walks. When your dog gets older, however, the intensity of walks needs to be decreased and the frequency often needs to be increased. It is important to strike a balance: your dog needs to be regularly exercising its legs to avoid stiffness, but if too much exercise is done, then stiffness can also occur.

Instead of going on intense walks, go for an easy stroll around the park a couple of times a day, so that your dog is getting the fresh air and exercise it needs without getting too tired out or causing pain.

Getting Your Dog a Comfortable Bed

Comfortable Bed

Getting your dog a comfortable bed is essential in its older years. When dogs are younger, they are energetic and adaptable so they can often just sleep anywhere. However, a dog’s comfort is vital once they start to reach their older years. Not only will your dog be spending much more time in its bed, but it also needs something supportive so that its joints do not get sore. Memory foam beds are good for dogs, as well as self-insulating ones. This will make sure your dog is getting a good quality of sleep so it isn’t getting too tired out.

Dogs are so reliant on their owners, so it is up to us to make sure that they are happy throughout their whole lifetime, not just when they are cute little puppies. By looking after your dog well, you will prolong its youth for as long as possible, so it is definitely worth investing a little time and money in. While a dog may be there for just a part of your life, you will be your dog’s entire life, so look after it well!

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