Adopting a canine is a big decision as it involves lots of responsibilities. But the happiness that having a pet run into your arms as soon as you enter the house brings is immense. Now that you have made up your mind about adopting a dog, you need to make a choice of its breed. Let’s talk about a German shepherd, one of the breeds that pet owners love to have. Truly, it is a gorgeous animal, with its shiny fur, big brown eyes, and regal, muscular stature. However, there is a lot more to it. The entire family has to be geared up as getting this animal is one big commitment that could be life-changing. Here are some facts about a German shepherd that every prospective owner should know about.

All You Need To Know Before Adopting A German Shepherd As A Pet:

1. They are guard dogs by nature:

German shepherds are genetically programmed as guard dogs. Now what you really need to understand is the traits that make a typical guard dog different from others. These are naturally aggressive animals when it comes to interacting with strangers. When you bring home a GSD, particularly an older one, you need to socialize properly.

Talking to the previous owner and finding more about its socializing history can make things easier for you. An essential precaution that you must take with the pet is to be careful when you have guests or other dogs at home.

2. They are smart animals:

German Shepherd

German shepherds are born smart, whether it comes to figuring their routine or being sensitive to human moods. Additionally, they love to please the owners and are intelligent enough to make constructive use of their abilities. So this means that your work as a pet parent becomes a lot simpler. You can take advantage of the animal’s smartness by adopting a well-organized training plan and adhering to it stringently. Dogdorable has lots of tips for dog owners that can help them in making a strong bond with their dogs.

3. Their energy needs are high:

playing German Shepherd

These animals love to be active and are smart workers too. No wonder they make ideal police and military dogs. This means that you have to keep them active so that they are happy and healthy. Taking your German shepherd for long walks is a good idea and so is enrolling it for an agility course class.

The dog needs plenty of exercises to keep its energy levels up, otherwise, it may end up taking out this energy on you and your belongings. At the same time, you need to ensure that your GSD gets the right diet to maintain its energy levels.

4. Mental stimulation is equally important for them:

Your German shepherd definitely needs a hefty dose of physical activity but mental stimulation is equally important for it. Long walks do not tire this breed and there is still plenty of room for exercises that involve mental activities.

Dog sports and obedience activities are recommended for this purpose. These exercises enable you to build mutual trust and bonding. Additionally, the dog becomes sharper and any behavior problems can be diagnosed at an early stage.

5. They are good listeners:

Another noteworthy fact about this dog breed is that they are excellent listeners. Their ears have a radar quality so that they can make out your voice even from a distance. This means that you will never be lonely if you have this animal for company. Also, they make you feel safer day and night.

6. It is not recommended to bring a very young puppy:

Should you get a German shepherd, ensure that it is not too young. All puppies, particularly the ones of this breed, need their mothers during the early weeks of their lives. The best time to get one home is when it is between 8 to 12 weeks old. You will probably have an easier time caring for them and feeding them.

7. They are not ideally suited for first-time pet owners:

If you are planning to be a pet parent for the first time, this breed can be a handful for you. They are not easy to train and only those with good experience can handle them. You have to be very consistent with their training and a lot of physical work is involved. If you still want a German shepherd as your first pet, hiring a professional dog trainer would be a good idea.

The expert can look after its needs and also guide you so that you can be comfortable with the dog in the long run. Also, pro training ensures that the dog does not fall into dangerous habits.

8. They usually behave aloof in public:

Don’t be surprised if your pet suddenly behaves strangely when you take it out in the public. Most German shepherds love to cuddle with their owners but tend to become aloof once they are taken in a crowd. As an owner, you should know that this is a perfectly normal trait and there is nothing to worry about.

9. There are certain signs that indicate good health:

There are certain signs that you should look for when you get the dog home as you would not want a sick pet. Young and healthy German shepherds are odor-free, clean and playful. Look for a full-bodied dog and don’t buy a thin or sickly one. A full hair coat without bald patches is another indication of good health.

The dog should have bright eyes, a clean nose, and a clean anus. If the pet shows any signs of not being in good health, take it to an experienced vet immediately.

10. You would surely want more of them:


Rearing a German shepherd is easier said than done, yet it will not dissuade an enthusiastic pet owner. This is one breed that you cannot have enough of and would definitely want more. Most owners who have bonded with this breed once vouch that they would not want to own any other breed during their lifetime.

Knowing these interesting and useful facts about German shepherds would make your journey easier and more exciting. With this, you get to know your pet better and understand what it expects from you.

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