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House with Pets: How to Clean the Messed Up Home?

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

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Furry furrends turn our lives upside down by bringing home so much energy, happiness, liveliness and unconditional love. Every good thing comes with a cost and pooches are no different.

For those having a mania for cleanliness, pets can be a frustrating addition to their home. Why? Because of all the fur, odor, and mess. Even our little, feathered companions such as budgies, cockatoos, macaws, etc. tend to create a lot of mess within and outside their large parrot cages.” However, whether you have the mania or not, we cannot spare too many hours for cleaning and, therefore, we seek life hacks.

To make it easier for you, here are some amazing tips for pet-owners to keep the house clean and tidy:

1. Invest in Pet-Friendly Couch Fabric :

Select wisely a couch fabric that’s washable and requires less maintenance. Most pet owners prefer leather or microfiber. The leather is a durable material with low maintenance costs—yet a little expensive. You simply have to prevent the pooch from developing the habit of destructive chewing. On the other hand, microfiber is an affordable material and easy to clean fabric. The stains are easily removed using some pet-stain removal lifehacks.

If its time consuming still, you can cover up the sofas, chairs, etc. with throws that are easy to wash every week in the machine. Regularly change the bed sheets to avoid allergies. It’s best to leave the pet in his playpen in your absence.

In your presence, train him to avoid sitting on sofas, chairs and other house furniture. Why don’t you try positive reinforcement here too?

2. Get a High-Quality Vacuum Cleaner :

Long fur furrends shed lots of hair so there’s a need for regular hair grooming of the pooch.  Invest in a high-quality pet-hair vacuum cleaner. You can get a robotic vacuum cleaner that’ll suck pet hair for a set time frame from a particular corner, carpet, etc where you left it. It’ll save you time to relax, and enjoy your facial and head massage.

3. Regular Baths and Cleanliness :

You will have to spend some time in giving regular baths to the pets. But, besides the monthly or bimonthly bathes, remember to clean the pet’s paws, particularly of the dogs, before he steps inside the home after a walk or play outdoors.

During summers, give your Fido a bath fortnightly to avoid bad odors around the house. It’s better not to get lazy as most dog-owners do, and get your house stinking with the pet smell.

4. Essential Oil Diffuser for Bad Odor :

Did you feel embarrassed when your guests were sniffing the pet odor all around them? I know, it does! Here’s the way to avoid repeating the mistake:

If you have been that lazy to bathe your pet regularly, or that your pet has a certain odor that never leaves the air in your home, get an essential oil diffuser. Essential oils like peppermint, lavender, and jasmine can give your home a sweet scent.

Keep the windows open during daytime for cross ventilation. Scented candles, air fresheners, scented cleaners are good investments too.

Get a pooper scooper to carefully remove the waste and avoid odors of the untrained pet. Pets can eliminate anywhere in the beginning so have patience and invest in any of the best picks of UHL pooper scooper.

5. Groom the Pooch Regularly :

Pets shed lots of hair, especially cats and dogs. Daily brush the pet’s hair to get rid of the extra fur, and help the pet feel relaxed by the massage a comb gives. You can peak into the fur of the pet to locate any allergies, ticks or fleas he has got. Moreover, it’s the best time to strengthen your bond with the pet.

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