Owning a horse can be expensive, particularly when you take into account the cost of building a stable. Many owners end up paying far more than they need to, simply because they didn’t plan ahead.

By planning the design of the table in advance, you’ll be able to ensure you’re sticking to your budget while providing the best home for your horse. Not sure where to get started? Here, you’ll discover some great tips on how to design the ideal horse stable.

Consider The Size And Shape Of The Stable


The first things to prioritize is the size and shape of the stable. Guidelines from the British Horse Society state that the horse should be able to turn around and stand up comfortably. They should also be able to roll and lie down with ease.

A general guideline is to make sure the stable is at least 12x12ft, with a height between 9 to 11 feet. There should be approximately 3ft between your horse’s head and the roof of the stable. Remember, the more space there is in the roof, the better the air will be able to circulate around the stable.

Regarding the shape, you have a number of options open to you. Choose from an L-shaped design or opt for a more unique U or E shape design. Each has its own unique benefits. An L-shaped stable tends to offer the most protection against the elements, a U-shaped stable is better suited to large yards, while an E-shaped stable is great for a commercial yard.

Include windows And Doors In Its Design

No matter what size and shape stable you decide to construct, you’ll want to remember to include windows and the right doors into its design.

This doesn’t just ensure you can get plenty of ventilation into the stable, it also means you can let in a lot more natural light too. This will reduce your need to rely on artificial lighting. You’ll still need some form of lighting installed in the stable for dark gloomy days, but this should be installed professionally.

What Type Of Flooring Should You Use?

The flooring of the stable can make a big difference to your horse. For example, if they will be spending a lot of time inside it, they are going to need a flooring material, such as concrete, that will help to keep their hooves trimmed. Just make sure you provide matting for comfort. If they will only be spending a short time there, a soil floor would be better used.

Keep in mind, if using a concrete or other hard surface, you may need to install drains inside the stable too. For all your DIY needs and to make building the stable easier, be sure to invest in high-quality tools from a company such as SGS.

The above are some of the main things to consider when designing your own horse stable. Why not take a look online for actual design ideas? This will give you great inspiration for the type of designs you can create.

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