Dogs are faithful companions that can make your life worth living and will provide you with a reason to smile each day. Roger Caras isn’t wrong when he remarks that, “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

Studies in recent years have shown that children who are brought up in a pet-friendly home have better physical and mental wellbeing. Such children have a balanced and healthy personal development. Moreover, dogs, especially, are the best therapy for kids with learning disabilities or genetic diseases.

With an extremely busy schedule, it’s hard to supervise your children 24x7, but pets can do that. Below listed are five top reasons why you should get a pet for your child:

1. Loyalty and Companionship :

Dogs are your children’s best friend who will never leave them alone. They enjoy being a partner in crime and keeping the child active the whole day. They provide an uncritical support and loyal companionship to the young one.

Children, suffering from boredom or anxiety, can be gifted a pet dog. Children can easily relate to the pooch because of a similar level of brain functioning.  Dogs are great at convincing human companions to go out and play. Moreover, they are amazing listeners.

Personal protection dogs are loyal companions that’ll protect your child from danger and strangers.

2. Immune System :

No parent can bear to see his child sick, so here is a natural vaccination for the infant: your pooch!

Studies have shown that infants brought up in dog-friendly home are healthier and stronger. They are less prone to developing cold, allergies, and asthma. Infants are exposed to these common microbes at an early stage of life, so the body builds a strong immunity against these health issues. However, if your pooch is hypoallergenic, here are the best foods that actually tone down dog allergies.

3. Emotional Intelligence :

Emotional intelligence, in present era, is the criteria of success. Recent studies have shown that children raised in a pet-friendly home are emotionally intelligent. Children recognize and understand the feelings of others better. They are more empathetic, considerate, and compassionate in their acts.

Moreover, they develop better social skills and communication skills due to their emotional grooming. They are confident enough to be expressive about their emotions.

4. Learning and Reading Ability :

Martin and Klotz’s experiment “Dog Day Afternoon” in 1999 has shown that library pets—the therapy dogs—helped children with reading disability and they improved to a great extent. Such achievements boost the confidence of the child. Dogs help to sharpen the child's cognitive skills that are responsible for learning ability.

An overall improvement in self-esteem was also observed in children understudy.

5. Academic Success :

Dogs keep the child physically and mentally healthy. Healthy mind and body are the top reasons for outstanding academic achievements.

So, if you think your child is poorly performing at school get him a pooch and he will learn how to be responsible for everything. He will learn to handle his problems in a better way. If not, he can share his problems with the great listener, his dog.

Most of all, your child will be saved from obesity, a common health issues in young children.

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