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Finding out about the best CBD Oil for Dogs

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

best CBD Oil for Dogs

This product that has hit market shelves and is on the lips of people all over the world is taking off like white on rice, its benefits far outweigh any critics clutching to studies that say otherwise. If you haven’t heard about it and have not stumbled upon this article, then you’re in luck, we are about to change your world and that of your pets.

So what is this CBD oil that everyone is raving about? Well, it is a natural extract that is taken from what is known as the Hemp plant or marijuana plant, but with the THC compound taken out, this is a non-psychoactive herb.

You can read up about it here, how it is being used and how it all works within our lives and dog’s lifestyles. With many advantages, of which we will discuss later in this article, the success stories have been positive and increasingly so.

5 Advantages of CBD Oil:

  • Relaxation. You can be safe in knowing that with the THC taken out of the CBD your dog will be free from the intoxication part, but still receive the benefits of being calm and relaxed.
  • Stress and anxiety. People have been known to use CBD tincture when preparing themselves for a big upcoming speech or for a final exam to help reduce their anxiety and lower their stress levels. This goes the same for its use in dogs, especially come fireworks night when the whole neighborhood canines are cowering under the stairs for 3-days straight.
  • Aid in fighting cancer. Research has shown that CBD can help slow down and in most cases stop the cancer cell growth, and the cells that are increasing in size in terms of tumors are being terminated.
  • Epilepsy and seizures. The components that make up CBD are known to regulate the neuron functions in the brain which when shocked with a sudden influx in the neuro system, causes the brain to go into a fit. When these sudden outbursts are regulated and occur significantly less if even at all, the seizures are shown to stop.
  • Pain relief. The oil decreases the inflammation in the body and joints associated with pain thus bringing some comfort to those who might suffer from arthritis or recovering from a surgery or injury.

With so many positive vibes and successful results out there, it’s hard to pin them all down and decide which is the best, however, one story that stood out for me was this of a dude and his pit bulls. Please watch this quick video vlog and be sure to have the tissue box nearby, you’re going to need it. With amazing tales to tell such as this one, how can you not use CBD oil?

CBD oil dog treats:

So you’ve made the wise decision to incorporate CBD into your pet’s diet and daily meal plan, but how do you go about it? Some dogs are happy for you to dig around in their mouths without a care in the world and for these hero dogs you should have no problem opening their lips and giving them a few drops, but for others, they might not be so forthcoming.

This is where your kitchen creativity is going to have to come into play, you can buy online recipe books for tried and tested recipes or you can tweak a current recipe you have to accommodate adding in the CBD.

Some ideas I’ve heard my friend take into her own hands are baking doggy treat biscuits. Once they come out of the oven and have cooled slightly, she drops the oil onto the top of them to soak into the biscuit. Puppy is none the wiser and all he cares about is receiving a treat. Win-win.

She has also delved in edible dog chews made of organic hemp mixed in with fruit bits and veg, and then for special occasions, although who needs a ‘reason’ to have these, she makes up a big batch of doggy cookies. She tops them with treats soaked in CBD and Buddy (her dog) is bouncing around with anticipation like it’s nobody’s business.

Just seeing him excited like he knows it’s his birthday is more than worth it to make them, this her child after all, and we all love spoiling kids am I right?

Then there is the option of mixing it straight into his cooked food meal for the evenings, the smell of steak chow is for sure going to overpower any sign of CBD oil and this way you can be sure he has ingested it.

For other tips and advice of satisfied dog owners and their baked goods, be sure to visit petcbdcommunity and chat with other users on how they like to include it into their furry family member’s nutritional plan.

There is nothing more satisfying in knowing that you are taking the best care possible for your canine child, seeing that little face run at you full speed and that slobbery tongue flapping all over the place. Their endless love and adoration is just a small contribution to the family household. And one we wouldn’t give up for the world.

If adding CBD oil to your pets’ diet, as taboo as some people might think it is, helps them live a full pain-free life, then I’m all for it. What have you got to lose?

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