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Say no to old techniques: Holistic care for your pet is a new trend

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Holistic care for your pet

Holistic health care is the biggest aspect that one should definitely consider but it can even be hard to understand. What actually you must know is how to take care of your pet holistically?

Well, you will find many pet owners who are still applying traditional care and chemical treatments to their pets, when they have abandoned these old methods on themselves. So there is no point of showing this discrimination.

You cannot complain to those are really not aware of today’s method available to them when it comes to the health and medicine. So it is sacrosanct to look after the holistic health for pets . Changes are always good.

Having a good holistic care for your pet can result avoiding medication and treat injuries or disease. Holistic healthcare easily heals the pain and encourage healing. Good Holistic health care for pets can improve their health, and happiness and can even increase their life.

Like for an example, if your dog or any other pet is suffering for any severe disease, then obviously the medicine will work its own way but by treating your pet in a holistic way such as acupuncture and massage will lead in less pain and faster recovery.

There are many pet parents who are relying on these therapies and luckily they have received good results. So here are Holistic therapies one must apply to their pets:

1. Canine Acupuncture:

Acupuncture and massage therapies have been discovered by humans where needles are placed over pressure points on the body. These tactics for dogs came later on when it was approved by American Veterinary Medical Association in 1988.

See the difference here, according to ancient Chinese Medicine ‘Needling’ was certain places on specific areas of the body to improve the flow of energy for better health, but in the case of dogs, needle will help them in releasing chemicals in the muscles, spinal cord, and brain for healing. It is said that Acupuncture can help with the disease of diabetes and cancer.

But, listen carefully, acupuncture is not at all cheap, can cost you around Rs 6000-7000 and having multiple sessions can only give your pet good results. But when this practice has no side effects, then does really money matters?

2. Chinese Herbal Medication:

2. Chinese Herbal Medication

Here in this practice, Chinese basically uses herbal components in form of formulas to cure particular disease and the best part is that it is used in combination with western health medicine to cure chronic conditions.

Well, this Chinese Herbal medication claims to relieve pain, improves the functioning of immune system and restore organ function. This practice for dogs is bit hard to prove but many pet owners have tried doing this and they have received positive reverts.

But then it is said that this practice and the Chinese herbs can lead to vomiting and diarrhea.

3. Hydrotherapy:

3. Hydrotherapy

Hope you have figured out what exactly this is. This method is performed in water. This therapy is basically for dogs who are under low-impact exercise and are suffering from joint or arthritis issues, any injury or surgery, or if he is aged or overweight.

This therapy depends on dog’s comfort level, he will be drowned in heated water (in order to soothe joints and muscles) with the time period of 15-30 minutes of swimming or walk on a treadmill underwater.  You can even harness the pet with life jacket, as it will keep them to a safe level.

Why do you go for hydrotherapy? As it helps in growing your muscles, enhances mobility, improves circulation, and reduces stress.

4. Magnetic field practice:

This practice is performed via magnetic field in order to cure illness and harsh injuries. Many studies say that it is the most reliable practice to heal injuries and wounds. The even relax your chronic joins and connective tissue conditions.

Despite being so useful in curing injuries and wounds, many professional doctors don’t prefer this magnetic therapy. But then it has a positive aspect too that this therapy is inexpensive, with no side effects.

5. Canine Massage therapy:

5. Canine Massage therapy

Dogs are not special. Even they have blood, muscles, and tissues like humans. So, applying this massage therapy on dogs can help them in good blood circulation, stimulating nerves and also relaxing muscles.

Well, this massage therapy has several emotional benefits too, it makes dog feels good and even improves the relation between dog and the person.

Sad thing is, this massage therapy is bit costly and cost around Rs3500 to Rs8000 per hour, but you can yourself learn many tactics of this massage and being personal massage therapist of your pet it doubles the care.


Coming to the fact, scientifically all the above-discussed practices don’t have any benefits, but it even has no side effects too. And several surveys speak that holistic care has made their pet feel better and relaxed. Many have told that it has helped in increasing the life of the pet. So, if you have been opting all those old methods to take care your pet, then I would suggest you to once apply these techniques and see the result.

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