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The Ultimate Guide To SEO For Higher Education: 13 Crucial Checklist Items

author-img By Sumona 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

SEO For Higher Education

Did you know that around 4.09 million higher education degrees were acquired in the United States alone in 2019- 2020? With these many students searching for colleges, you’re probably trying to up your game too.

However, you might notice that your online presence is not earning you the expected enrollment numbers you thought. The practice of SEO higher education wordplay is what you need to get your university website ranked at the top of every search.

However, it is a far more complicated and technical process that requires somebody with extensive postsecondary learning and SEO skills. To level up, you need to check off 13 items on the higher education SEO checklist

The SEO Higher Education Checklist

So, if your site’s study program webpages aren’t generating the number of leads you want, it’s time to reflect on what has to be changed. The best part is that you’ve arrived at your destination.

SEO Higher Education

Here are 13 tips to help get content marketing in higher education up and running effectively:

1. Content Audit on Website

Your first move would be to thoroughly examine your present website. The content audit examines all of your website’s pages, URL indexes and meta descriptions.

The goal of the quality audit is to identify your most critical opportunities. This way, you’ll know exactly what has to be fixed in the future to incorporate higher education SEO

2. Audit the Technical Aspect

This procedure is major needed for content marketing for higher education. Instead of focusing only on your content, you must conduct a technical audit. This focuses on the faults that Google discovers when crawling your site.

If you detect one of these problems following your audit, address them as quickly as possible. Fortunately, rectifying these inaccuracies is simple.

Google seo

3. Utilize Google as a Base

Google Search Console is an essential step on your SEO higher education journey. Google’s free complete tool allows you to:

  • Track the traffic to your website.
  • Keep track of your progress.
  • Discover which countries people are visiting.
  • Learn how Google crawls your web pages.

4. Write More Blogs

To market their institution online, just so many colleges depend on degree program pages. While these are important, they cannot be your sole source of website material.

You are restricting your SEO for higher education exposure by at minimum 50% in such circumstances. Google prefers websites with useful content in contrast to degree webpages.

5. Use Keywords Appropriately

The location of your keyword is just as crucial as the number of times you employ it. Ensure that the keyword is mentioned at least once in the page title. Furthermore, in the initial 100 words of the article.


6. Note Some Suggested Words

You’re undoubtedly aware that you can locate long-tailed keywords using Google Suggestions. You might not realize that you can apply the same strategy to other search results, such as YouTube.

7. Watch Out for Error Pages

A 404 Not Found webpage is shown when people click on a deleted link that needs to be monitored.

These webpages are bad for SEO higher education practices and customer experience because if you alter one letter in a URL, Google treats it as a completely new domain.

8. Internal Linking

Higher education practices utilize an authority link within your website with high SEO potential to improve your SEO. An authority link can help a website rank higher on Google if it comes from a reliable source.


9. Work on Duplicate Data/Content

Many pages discussing the same issue are unnecessary and frustrate Google. When you remove the same material, it is no longer visible or accessible. Remember to reroute them 301 and be careful not to lose higher education SEO visitors.

10. Maintain a Keyword List

Wondering how to make a good list for content marketing in higher education? Choose the following:

  • Check keywords based on the most searched volume
  • Pick a mix of short and long keywords
  • Make sure the purpose is right
  • Have enough links

11. Work on Page Speed

Online users hate waiting; thus, increasing the speed of loading your page is key to content marketing for higher education. Make sure the text and graphics load at lightning speed.

SEO practice

12. Local SEO

You should concentrate as much as possible on regional search methods for your institution. Students will certainly appreciate interesting events to do around, which may influence their final selection.

13. Check Competitors

You should keep a watchful eye on your competitors, both directly and indirectly. Taking these steps is the greatest approach to avoid falling behind.

Bottom Line

Content is what the search engines use to fulfill user intent. Which SEO for higher education strategies are you planning to attempt first? 


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