The world of SEO can never limit itself to a certain number of efforts techniques as the way page rank in Google keeps changing. Google always prefers to show up with new algorithm updates that help in improving the user experience and makes the search engines a valuable place to visit every time.

Penguin Update is one such improvement to its page ranking strategies that need to be addressed by every SEO professional in Dallas. Especially to beat the ranking in the SERP as a leading site in Dallas, you must keep checking all the SEO tips and tricks.

You can also check out the solutions of any Dallas SEO Company that will help you to solve your concerns about this update. Penguin 2.0 has already hit more than a thousand websites from all over the world. Hence, here are some quick SEO tips to consider right now.

1. Encourage more guest posting

1. Encourage more guest posting

One of the highly important off-page strategies to amp up your SEO for the Penguin Update is, go for the guest posting. To build your site authority and to drive both the links and audiences, you must be thinking for a larger audience.

Switching to guest posting can benefit you by tapping into a larger and diverse yet interesting audience base, which is one of the favorite strategies of most of the leading Dallas SEO professionals. Writing valuable content for guest posting can impressively help you to survive the Penguin Update.

2. Be cautious about low-quality links

Your off-page SEO optimization stays incomplete without a solid link backing strategy. However, while gaining backlinks for your site, you must be aware of the fact that there are no low-quality ones. Low-quality links can be very harmful to your site, especially when Google lets the Penguin update hit your site.

To keep this update satisfied, all you can do is, opt for the proper optimization of your anchor text. Make sure the links you are obtaining do not include keyword stuffing or low-quality content, or any kind of unethical SEO tactics. Consider running a time-to-time SEO audit. Disavow the links which are harmful to your site.

3. Work on your link building graph

3. Work on your link building graph

The link-building graph creation can be taken as a very impressive off-page SEO technique.  You can do it by making some of the positive changes to your site. To do so, you can improve the quality of your link text. You can further invent a new link-building behavior.

It is always better to stay away from any kind of unusual links. It is advised to get backlinks from your competitors. You can also plan to link to the content or the posts which are quite active in the community.

4. Optimize your title better

The title or the H1 and H2 tags in your article matter the most. To satisfy the intent of Google's Penguin Updates, you must focus on these areas while writing content. To gain authority over your SEO, it is better to insert keywords in the title.  Make sure that the title is catchy and will describe your content from which your readers can find better value.

5. Focus on internal linking

No matter how many updates come and go, the internal linking always stays the best idea to improve site authority over your content. You must create some internal linking within your relevant pages. It will help you to build up a connection between your content. But make sure you are not overdoing it, which may further harm your SEO. Pages with too many internal linking will look wacky and spammy. 2-3 linkings can be considered as a healthy practice.

6. Add value to your content writing

6. Add value to your content writing

Content always stays the king when it comes to meeting the expectation of Google's new algorithm updates. The creation of effective and informative content always gets paid back. To cope up with this update, you must create content with an even distribution of keywords that sounds more natural. It is better to make your content social and shareable.

Creating a highly useful resource is recommended.  The content must be highly engaging and efficient to meet the intent of the users. Else, it is tough to meet the demand of the users of Dallas. You can avail yourself of top-notch services from a reputed Dallas SEO Company to get served with robust content creation.


Google sometimes makes it tricky for SEO professionals to cope up with its updates. But these are definitely for their good as the content this way becomes more valuable. As a Dallas SEO professional, you must not miss out on these tips, which can be your game changer.

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