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Tips to Develop a Mobile-Friendly Website

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Mobile-Friendly Website

With the update of Google’s algorithm, business owners have gone crazy. This is because the new update probably known as Mobilegeddon is totally based on a mobile-friendly environment. Based on the update, websites that weren’t compatible with phones were basically punished. This brought about a significant revolution in the industry. Therefore, developing a mobile-friendly website became necessary for service owners. Ever since then, the SEO companies had been working towards evolving the websites into a more mobile-friendly way. Considering the customer rate, most of the users are now on mobile rather than desktop. Thus, this has been developed so that the business can grow through mobile too.

Mobile-friendly websites became a necessity for various pages. Therefore, developing and curating mobile-friendly pages and contents also became a part of the SEO services over time. Leaving out desktop, the keyword relevancy also has an impact on the SEO that’s being searched through the phone. But compared to the desktop, mobile-friendly websites are little more complicated. More than cross-browser it became a deal about cross-platform. Thus, the SEO companies over time had been practicing methods to enrich the experience of their customers.

How the website is made mobile-friendly?

With the help of Google, everything is on our fingertips. We can find all the necessary details on the phone itself. However, the mobile-friendly pages are a little different from the desktop ones in their ranking.

Responsible design:

Be it any medium, mobile, or laptop, your website’s design matters a lot. It should be responsive enough so that the difference between the size of the device is clearly made visible. This helps to lower the extra efforts that the website developer needs to put up while creating the website.

The responsive design comprises of building flexible layouts and images and more. With the help of responsive design, the size of the user’s screen is easily estimated. Your web development company can help you make up with more enhanced SEO services and responsive design.

Font sizes and button sizes:

There is a huge difference between the font sizes and button sizes, be it for phone or desktop. In mobile devices, the font sizes are usually considered to be around 14px. Although it is a little big for your customers, it will give them the flexibility to adjust the size depending on their needs. The minimum font size of the documents in such cases is considered to 12px.

If you’re including a button, ask your SEO company or web development company to put out larger buttons. This is because it lowers the chances of hitting the wrong button. The button sizes for most of the mobile designs round up about 44px by 44px.

Use high-resolution images:

Instagram utilizes high-resolution images. For your website to be responsive, high-resolution images are a must-have. Thus, the SEO company can inculcate you will the total procedure. This SEO service of including high-quality images helps to enhance the customer experience. Most of the Android devices introduced today’s function of high-resolution devices. A high-resolution layout will reduce the chances of pixelated images. This plays a key role in impressing your customers.

high resolution image

Remove Auto Zoom:

Default zoom in most of the cases can be pretty annoying. This is messed up with the layout, thereby affecting your customer experience. This will only affect your SEO and further traffic and conversions into your page. Auto Zooming of images and content can be annoying for customers. Your SEO company would then offer you the service of customizing the different meta tags. These meta tags would further prevent the risk of auto zooming and help to customize the contents.

Use YouTube videos:

Although most of us don’t know, almost every SEO company expert recommends installing embedded videos into the website. Updating YouTube videos on your website may have a different effect from that on the desktop. Installing YouTube videos prevents the risk of facing any problem due to videos on the mobile platform. This further helps to prevent the risk of finding mobile-friendly videos on the mobile website.

Since there are various SEO services, it is very necessary that you look up to a known SEO company such as YEAH Local. Most of these companies cater to all the needs of their customers. Make a mindful right choice to please your customers.

Youtube Video

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