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6 Tips To Ensure A Successful Business Through SEO

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read July 4, 2019


In the age of social media and online marketing, where products and services are all available online, it has become necessary for all forms of businesses, including small and local businesses, to establish a digital field as a way to achieve success. A digital business with all forms of benefits also offers a challenge to make a profound impact and a visible position in the overly crowded platform. It is very easy to get lost in this crowd and thus takes a special effort to stand out. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the way to ensure that.

People usually tend to rely on the first search result and thus click on it directly. SEO is the best way to help your website to rank higher organically, that is, without the need to pay for advertisements. However, optimizing the whole website can get a bit hectic on the part of small business owners. So, here are 6 tips to at least give a start to the process of transforming the traffic effectively.

1. Observe each modification:

All the changes your website comes across for its optimization needs to be thoroughly monitored.

The following needs to be kept in mind:

  • A metric has to be decided to observe the transformation
  • One of the given tips of SEO has to be used
  • The changes need to be done one by one so as to know which tool works and which doesn’t.

2. Craft a neat structure for your website:

It has to keep in mind that optimization is to ensure more visitors to your website. With the increasing popularity of blog posts, the users easily get a taste of good authentic content. So, it has become necessary to have content of a level that can stand the competition. If the search engine crawlers find it hard to navigate the website, then they won’t bother to proceed further. A better user experience ensures a better aspect for future progress.

For creating a clean and comprehensible structure a specific hierarchy must be followed.

  • Web pages
  • Types
  • Sub Types
  • Internal linking that follows the same structure
  • Header

3. Focus on creating high-quality content:


The most common tip in SEO is to create the content of worth that seeks attention. The quality of your content can come to much help for a higher ranking in the Google search.

The key to creating good content can be broken down to a few points:

  • The content should comprise of headings, Meta descriptions, and keywords that lies in the first few lines of the webpage.
  • Content of long-form usually has higher rankings than the short ones.
  • The content should be written in a lucid manner so as to appeal to the readers and not software.
  • A strategic practice to stuff keywords in order to appeal the algorithms should be avoided as such websites are now being penalized by Google.
  • The content should not just stick to texts but also include graphics or videos to grab more attention.

4. Create both external and internal links:

internal links

The number of backlinks ensures a better prospect for your website to reach more users. But alongside the external links, the internal links also create a collective network that ensures constant progress.

The internal links can be used to rebuild the structure of the site. Thus it is necessary to internally link the new content that gets added to your website. That means that the newly added content is connected to the rest of the website. Otherwise, those contents will be left out and will be considered of lesser importance by the users or crawlers.

On the other end, the external links or the backlinks are the links of your website on another web site. These bring users to your website through other websites by clicking on the anchor texts. They are therefore very important ranking factors. The better the quality of your website, the more are the chances that your website will be linked to other websites. The quality always matters more than quantity. So it’s better to have links on fewer significant sites than to have links on a large number of less important sites that can affect the reputation of your site. Backlinks can be bought so it’s important to use your hard earned money wisely.

5. Ensure a high-speed website:

The efficient way to invite more traffic to your website is to improve the speed of your site as it is a very well known fact that website speed is very important for achieving top rankings.

Getting rid of anything that reduces the speed of your website, helps to give a satisfying experience to the users. Some effective measures for better speed are:

  • Image compression
  • Browser Chasing
  • Not use JavaScript

6. Make your Website Mobile-friendly:

Website Mobile-friendly

Since 2016, web developers and web designers have started designing webpages for mobiles. If if the designing is done in a desktop or laptop it has to be kept in mind that the design responsive to mobiles as well. More emphasis has to be given on mobile UX and site structures suitable for them.

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