Real Estate SEO seems to be pretty tough and challenging. However, real estate SEO promises huge rewards. Today, around 44 percent of home buyers turn to the Internet. Moreover, 90 percent of the real estate companies or agencies have websites and property listings were commonly present there. Purchasers sought the professional services of a real estate agent 88% of the time. Since the majority of the home buyers are searching online for their dream homes, real estate SEO is of pivotal importance. The best thing about real estate SEO is that it never tends to rest. It keeps on generating leads for real estate agents 24×7.

What Do You Mean by Real Estate SEO?

Real Estate SEO


Real Estate SEO is all about being visible on the search engines while consumers are looking for somebody to assist them in selling or purchasing a property. We know that 44 percent of buyers looking for their home are in the habit of heading straightaway to Google, opening a fresh new tab and immediately start typing. Almost instantaneously, you would be getting a precisely created shortlist of options for glancing through it. Around 60 percent of the interested homeowners would be clicking on just the top three rankings on the SERP. Real estate SEO is crucial to developing a brand identity and gaining leads. Almost 50 percent of the buyers initiate their searches directly from properties. For such a vast sector, it becomes mandatory for getting your property listings fully optimized for all the suburban neighborhoods and certain other terms that signify for local relevance to the popular platform called Google.

Identify Local Keyword Phrases

65% of home buyers start their search with a typical local keyword phrase. We know that most real estate businesses provide their services to several regions and cities. However, you must emphasize on the main place or city you operate your business from while creating your website. Thereafter, start building out silos targeting the rest of the areas.

You must focus on optimizing your website especially for search terms like [CITY] homes for sale, [CITY] real estate, [CITY] realtor, [CITY] real estate listings, [CITY] real estate agent, etc. These phrases must figure on your page content throughout your website. If you are talking about a town or city, you must devote your attention to making your website a fabulous resource. You could create a page about living in that town or city and provide valuable information regarding the crime rates, school districts, public transport, median income, and average homeowner statistics. The success of a real estate website depends largely on how targeted it is. Your focus must be on specifically targeting local traffic. Your website would be successful if you follow a truly targeted approach. Seek assistance from professional and proficient SEO by Get House Deals.

Make the Most of Videos & Pictures

Pictures and videos are critical engagement objects that must be present on all websites to grab the visitors’ attention. This is essentially true in case of a real estate website. Home shoppers would love the idea of taking a video tour of a prospective home. You could incorporate video tours, and even capture customer testimonials on video. Whenever you complete a deal, try getting a testimonial. It is a good idea to record the testimonial on video on the spot. We know that a homeowner would feel ecstatic the moment he gets the keys to his dream home. That is the right time to request a review. Use high-resolution pictures of various properties to attract customer attention.

Get Listed in Relevant Directories

It is a good idea to get listed in top ‘real estate directories’. A real estate agent directory gets a huge flow of traffic. Real estate sites such as, Zillow, Trulia, and RedFin are highly trafficked and have directories that are available to realtors. As per statistics, Zillow seemed to have 498 million in terms of page views in just a month while Trulia seemed to have 277 million page views. You could have access to heavy potential traffic that could easily be captured if you get your website listed in the right real estate directory.

Avoid Real Estate SEO Mistakes

Mistake: Inability to Build a Brand

The fallout of the Panda update categorically indicates that the sites that were hurt the least all belonged to big brands. Google’s algorithms have, for a while at least, been favoring brands over smaller businesses. Good brands provide a lot of local information that keeps visitors steadily frequenting their sites and going back to them through Google. Dedicated visitors also tend to spend more time on the site and click deep internal links to other resources, while also sharing content on social media and other sites. All of these are factors that are held valuable by Google algorithms, and this is what businesses should strive to build- a brand worth remembering and a loyal fan base. Offering good products or services is not enough anymore; you have to serve tons of content that adds value to their lives.

Mistake: Thinking a Website Is All There Is to SEO


In industries where it is vital to have a high-ranked website to edge out the competition, simply building a website is not going to be enough for your SEO efforts. SEO experts are called in to conduct solid research on the strengths and weaknesses of your present branding efforts as well as those of your competitors to formulate a strong strategy.

Mistake: Not Understanding the Time, Money, or Effort that SEO Demands

SEO is not and has never been easy or cheap. Any vendor claiming to provide such services is probably neither reliable nor effective. It is a time-consuming, resource-intensive process that requires a solid investment. SEO experts cost an average of $500 a month and are worth it for the dividends they bring to your business. This isn’t invisible work on the back-end either, a large portion of their time and your money will go into locating relevant PA/DA domains and generating quality links to your content from them. Unlike traditional advertising, SEO is targeted, meaning that if done right, it will get you the results you desire.


If you are ready to take your SEO strategy to the next level, working knowledge of the different facets and aspects of SEO is good to have. You will invariably get better results by hiring an SEO expert, but it is a good idea to know what they do so that you can gauge how well they are doing their work before the sales reports come in. Armed with this guide, you should be able to decide what path you want to take to establish a successful online business.

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