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Possible Issues When Loading a Website that Require Immediate Changes

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read March 22, 2019

Loading a Website

Even when you have worked hard to create a stunning website, you could still encounter problems that require immediate attention; otherwise, the visitors to the site will have a hard time navigating the page. They will also not appreciate that it is difficult for them to do it, especially if there are other websites where they do not experience those problems. You can check the site regularly and try to fix these problems.

Not responsive on mobile devices:

Today, if your website does not load well on mobile devices, it is like a death sentence. People search for information using their phones all the time. You cannot expect everyone to use their computers to browse websites. If your site does not work well with phones, people will leave, and you will be losing potential customers. Make sure that you immediately adopt a design that will work on mobile devices before launching.

Flash does not load:

If it is still breaking news for you, flash became outdated over five years ago. You cannot use it anymore these days and not expect any problems. Mobile devices do not support flash, and people browsing information on their phone will not see anything that you show to them. Even search engines do not support Flash anymore. Imagine the adverse effects it could have on your SEO campaign.

Slow loading time:

In an age where people are always in a hurry, you cannot afford to slow things down since you will irritate them. No one has enough time to deal with slow websites. If there are alternatives, it is easy for most people to jump to the next possible choice. You might have videos, animations and sound effects that are slowing the site down. If they are there only for aesthetic purposes, and the website will survive in their absence, you need to remove them.

Website crash:

These days, it is quite rare seeing an entire website crash. If it happens frequently, no one will want to visit your page. Again, you need to revisit the content and double check the code used. You can spot the error along the way and determine which aspect you need to improve.

Hire the best web designer:

You cannot deal with all these issues alone. If there are other things you need to do in running your business, you want to focus on those aspects too. You can partner with Web Design Oxford if you want quality results. You can discuss with them the plans you wish to implement if you are going to launch a website soon. You can tell them the content you want to be a part of the site and outline its appearance.

You can also rely on this company to help you if the site encounters issues that need immediate maintenance. If you decide to put the site down to fix severe problems, you need to inform everyone about it. Make sure that it does not last long since every second is crucial in web marketing.

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