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Learn best SEO strategies to improve your brand in simple steps

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

SEO strategies

Getting immersed in SEO is the best way to explore the vast expanse of the most popular marketing tool. Unless you eat, sleep, and dream SEO, it will never be possible to produce superior results.  As we familiarize ourselves with various optimization aspects, we tend to develop an inclination of adapting some of these likes on-page SEO, technical SEO, off-page SEO, etc. instead of taking a holistic approach to using as many facets as possible to reap rich rewards.  It is essential to broaden the SEO horizon so that you can improve your SEO skills and strategies in an all-round manner instead of taking a parochial approach that provides only partial results.

If you are thinking that you need to work laboriously for getting a grip on total SEO that covers the widest scope of the application, then you are highly mistaken. It is easy to generate a vision for context and content-driven SEO without spending extended hours only if you develop some good habits and give up the bad ones.

Conduct Intense research

Research occupies a big space in SEO because to understand where you stand with respect to your competitors and even to gather information about keyword trends and links; you must conduct intense research. You can check your local SEO agency and check how they work. Although the word research has different connotations and means different things, in the SEO context it means diving deep into the process to gain insights about various elements that impact the campaign.

To take a holistic approach in SEO, you must first give up the habit of concentrating on the granular elements and focus on creating good processes and develop good habits of doing thorough research instead of scratching on the surface only.  According to the experts at the SEO agency Keyword Fyrebird, your research must revolve around the audience instead of the keyword.  Keyword centric research would damage the prospects of maintaining proper context which is detrimental for SEO.

Emphasize on learning

SEO is continuously evolving, and learning is integral to the process to stay tuned with the trends and best practices of the industry. Every moment you learn something about what is happening in the SEO world, and you must enhance the pace of learning to match the speed of developments in the area of technology and digital marketing. To gather the latest information on the industry which is a valuable resource for learning you must follow the industry resources that matter to you.  By accessing social media channels and accessing feeds delivered in your email you can get your daily dose of learning. Select channels that are informative but less crowded so that you can concentrate on the content without reaching out to individual websites to gather information. This saves time and eases the learning process.

Measure, measure, and measure

Keeping watch on the SEO health is extremely important because it should not happen that one fine morning you discover that things are not working for you. While it is important to count your gains, it is equally important to keep a close watch on the numbers that reveal SEO health and contain important performance indicators. Using a variety of analytical tools and analyzing numbers helps to modify and strengthen the campaign on an ongoing basis.  The more is the frequency of analysis; better would be the insights because things can change very fast and it is not surprising to see ranks sliding fast within moments of reaching a high. Therefore, keeping a close watch on numbers is like keeping your finger on the pulse that tells you about the campaign health.

From business goals towards SEO goals

Remember that SEO is for business and not the other way round which makes it imperative first to set the business goals and then develop SRO strategies for realizing it.  The objectives of business like sales, revenue, leads, and ROI provides the foundation on which you must build your SEO strategies and align it with the business goals. While there would be a separate set of objectives for SEO like ranking, traffic, average position, etc. it should never overshadow the basic business goals that justify the use of SEO. Trying to do otherwise would be like putting the cart before the horse and could lead to a disappointing experience.

Focus on context

SEO is so dynamic and evolving so fast that you must stay away from being content in using some old and tried techniques because it may not work anymore.  Any material must have the right context so that users can relate to it closely. It is critical for SEO because only when the content has the right framework that it would be relevant for users and convey value to them. When users derive value from content, they accept and acknowledge the authority it wields thereby creating a recipe for SEO success.  You must closely keep a tab on the content to ensure that it relates to the setting that users find meaningful. Keep updating content to match the context with the expectations of users. Create content with a background in mind and then include various SEO elements like links, keywords, and technical SEO in it.

Maintain technical sharpness

Indeed, you must create superior content with proper context, build a strong backlink profile and do everything needed to rank well in search results for fulfilling the SEO objectives But to make all elements work harmoniously for producing the desired results; you must pay attention to technical SEO.  Even if you feel more comfortable staying content oriented in your SEO approach, to gain visibility and convey value to users you must concentrate on technical SEO that gives users the pleasure of browsing the website with complete ease, make them feel comfortable and enhance their experience. To tackle issues related to indexing, page speed optimization, canonicals, duplicate content and other aspects your familiarization with technical SEO is a must.

Build a team comprising of the writer, coder, designer, and IT experts with you at the helm and forge an alliance that helps to implement SEO with contribution from each member. A lot of buying-in is required to have the stakeholders on board because SEO is never a one-person show.

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