Shinobu Kocho is a major supporting character in the anime "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba." She is a slayer of the demons who belongs to the present "Demon Slayer Corps" and the current "Insect Hashira."

She is also the younger sister of the character named Kanae Kocho, along with her adopted younger sister Kanao Tsuyuri.

Shinobu entered and joined forces with the Demon Slayer Corps with her sister after a demon slayed her parents. She joined with only one vision in mind, and that is to protect other innocent people from suffering the same ill fate as her.

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Here are the character traits of Shinobu:

Weight37 Kg
Height151 cm
Hair ColourBlack to Purple
BirthdayFebruary 24th
Eye Colour Purple



The character of Shinobu Demon Slayer is shown as a very small and young woman. She has a very pale complexion and compound-like large eyes that are in the shade of a gradient purple.

Shinobu has a black and wavy that fades to a darkish purple color, which is styled at the back of her head into a flat yakai-maki bun.

She has two somewhat thinner chin-length hairpieces in front of her ears below her center-split, ear-length, voluminous curtain fringe that flow down to frame the sides of her face.

Shinobu is dressed in the traditional Demon Slayer gear, which includes a dark purple jacket with gold buttons, black tabi socks, and hakama pants. Her lower legs are covered in a white butterfly-patterned Kyahan that transitions into pale turquoise and then pink and is fastened with white ribbons. 

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shinobu Personality

The character of Shinobu is shown to display a very friendly, cheerful, and bright demeanor. She is also always shown to have a cheerful smile on her face, no matter the situation she is in.

However, her external behavior is all a facade, and she actually enjoys teasing others to the point of being sadistic about it.

Shinobu holds an overwhelming hatred towards demons, especially due to suffering the loss of her sister at a very young age, along with the deaths of her parents. 

Her hatred is so strong that she is always in a near-constant state of extreme anger. Her desire to get revenge on the demons has made her unable to live the normal life that her sister had actually wished for her.

shinobu Abilities

Being a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Shinobu is a very skilled and powerful combatant. In spite of not having the physical strength to cut off a demon's head - which should come off as an easy task to perform for a Demon slayer, she is known to use her creativity and other physical abilities up for it.

Here are the following abilities that Shinobu Kocho possesses:

Enhanced Agility

According to her swordsmanship style – Insect Breathing, Shinobu is known to be incredibly agile and swift. This was effectively shown when she maneuvered through a lush forest without any effort and actively evaded the Spider Demon's Blood Demon Art with finesse and ease.

When fighting, she relies primarily on acrobatic movements for delivering dozens of short thrusts with the help of her katana to inject as much poison as she possibly can into her enemy at once. This enables her to evade and dodge oncoming attacks rather than blocking them.


Demon Slayer Shinobu is known to possess superhuman reflexes and speed, which enables her to evade and out-pace other demons effortlessly. She easily attacks other demons before they can even register what is happening to them.

She is known to be so fast that it appears she can teleport. Her inhuman speed even managed to come off as a surprise to Doma, as and when she out-speeded even the Upper-Rank multiple times. 

Shinobu unleashed at least a dozen strikes that even Doma couldn't fully evade or block - which led him to admit that Hashira has been one of the fastest Hashira he has ever met.

Keen Intellect

The viewers can see Shinobu as a person who possesses vast knowledge in using poison during combat. During her battle with Doma, she was cleverly able to calculate the amount of poison that would prove the most effective against him.

After her sister passed away, she was able to use whatever information Kanae had given her to formulate a strategy that would eventually lead to the defeat of Doma. She also had developed a form of sign language with Kanao to communicate important information in a short amount of time - this aided Kanao in fighting and defeating the Upper-Rank demon.

Medical Expert

Shinobu manga and anime version of the character originally makes up for her lack of natural-born combat prowess in comparison to the other Hashiras by utilizing her expert mastery and skill in the pharmaceutical field.

She is also an expert in the medical field and a gifted chemist who can easily concoct antidotes and poisons alike - that work against demons.

The antidote she made actively cured Zenitsu and the others from the venom of Spider demon and also managed in adversely poisoning another member who belonged to that same Spider Clan.

Bonus: Surprising Facts About The Demon Slayer Show

The Demon Slayer

Here are a few surprising and unknown facts about the Demon Slayer show:

  • The total cost for making a "single episode" of the show costs around $80,000 due to its unique form of animation style.
  • The character Rengoku's favorite food was actually sweet potatoes, and his favorite side dish was salt-grilled bream.
  • Tengen was originally a Hashira before he became a Demon Slayer and then later a Hashira.
  • Mistsuri got her hair color because of her habit of eating too much Sakura Mochi.
  • Shinobu's parents used to work in compounding medicine, a reason why Shinobu is also talented at handling medicines.
  • Gyomei is the only Hashira who doesn't make use of Nichirin Blade and instead favours using a set of chained axes.
  • Muichiro actually wears oversized and loose clothing in order to prevent the enemies from predicting his movements.

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To Wrap It Up!

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba features a significant supporting character named Shinobu Kocho. She is the current Insect Hashira and a Demon Slayer of the Demon Slayer Corps.

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