Do you want to watch your favorite TV series and movies for free? Tired of paying large subscription fees for all streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Disney+, and more? Why don’t you visit Cuevana and see what content you can get for free?

You can watch many of your favorite movies and series from this website- even the ones just released. Therefore, if you want your favorite motion picture in demand, then read this review first.

What Is Cuevana?

Cuevana is a file-sharing service based in Mexico. On this website, users can watch many movies and TV series of their choice with Spanish subtitles. Their library consists mostly of movies in English, with few movies from other languages as well.

What Is Cuevana

This website was launched in 2009. Since it allowed users to stream movies and TV series for free, it quickly rose in popularity. By 2011, it became one of Argentina's 20 most visited websites. In just two years, it had accrued around 500,000 user visits daily.

How Does Cuevana Work?

Cuevana 3 works pretty differently from other free content streaming websites. This is because it operates as a sort of connecting hub between various file-sharing websites. Unlike other websites which store movie and TV series files in their storage, Cuevana doesn’t.

How Does Cuevana Work?

Instead, this website provides links to other file-sharing websites from which you can download the files. Alternatively, you can also stream any movie or TV series of your choice from this website. You can do this by clicking on the link after connecting to the other website hosting the files.

There are other ways to watch your favorite movies and series from Cuevana. In 2012, the website launched its own downloader, called DCuevana. However, this app was short-lived and was soon replaced by Cuevana Storm. The latter is a torrent downloader. The best part of this client is that you can download a movie in the background while streaming it. This is pretty similar to - the best website to watch anime for free. has faced many legal troubles over its decades of existence. As a pirated file-sharing website, these legal instances were bound to happen with copyright owners of the movies.

Cuevana Legal Instances

Some of the most discussed legal issues this website has faced are:

  • 22nd November 2011: The website was sued by HBO Latin America. This was done by sharing various Argentinian movies without the producers' permission. They were charged under Argentine Law 11,723 dealing with violation of intellectual property. However, the judge voted in favor of Cuevana 2 español and did not block their access.
  • 29th November 2011: This time, the website was sued by Turner Argentina. In their lawsuit, they have accused it of illegally hosting various copyrighted TV series like Falling Skies, 26 People To Save The World, and BRIC. The website had to pay a fine of 1000 Pesos ($50) daily until it removed the content.
  • 2nd December 2011: After the above two lawsuits were presented, Argentine Internet Service Provider (ISP) - Telecentro SA De Argentina - completely blocked the site on their network. However, this blockade lasted for only a day as Cuevana solved the matter outside the court.
  • May 2014: Weirdly enough, some Cuevana Storm users from Germany accused the website of misleading them. They have stated that the website worked under the guise of allowing you to download content. However, in reality, the website allows users to stream content without allowing downloads. Due to this, they demanded to be paid 815 Euros after appealing to a German law firm.

Cuevana User Reviews


Various users have commended (and criticized) various aspects of Cuevana. Some of their reviews here state what they said about this website.

Cuevana User Reviews

Excellent platform for watching movies streaming. The new Win app could be improved and had a few bugs, but it's nice and works well enough. - Julinho.

Great site to watch movies and tv shows. It doesn't have age verification (or age rating warnings), and some of the movies and shows may not be suitable for children. Otherwise, it's a great site.- T. Ravenwing.

This is a great site to see movies and series, but the lack of age verification makes the site a potential problem for children. Some content is not safe for children, like some violent movies or series. - Qlixed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Many movie enthusiasts have asked several questions about Cuevana, with their answers being:

Q1. How To Download The Cuevana 3 APK File?

You can download the Cuevana APK file from various websites. The best websites to download the Cuevana app are Softonic and FileHippo.

Q2. Does Cuevana 3 Twitter Exist?

Yes, the Cuevana Twitter page is real. It’s primarily used to update users about the new movies that have been added to its growing collection. The address for their Twitter page is 

Q3. Cuevana Cancel Subscription - How To Do it?

If you are worried about subscribing to Cuevana, there is nothing to worry about. You don’t need to subscribe to this platform to watch movies and TV series for free here.

Final Verdict: Is Cuevana A Legit Site For Watching Movies?

So, is Cuevana legit? Is this website good enough for watching your favorite movies and TV series? still is one of the most visited websites in Spanish-speaking countries, especially Southern American countries. This website allows you to watch many great TV series and movies - all for free! Simply click on the links and enjoy!

However, it’s not legit to download and watch content from this website. This is because all the content available on this website is pirated. Therefore, there is a high chance that the files you download from this website contain various malware and trackers that can put your computer at risk. This is why it’s placed higher on the US Notorious Markets 2021.

You can watch content like movies and TV shows for free!There is no need to create an account by registering or subscribing to this website.Unintuitive UI and UX.Pirated website - can contain malware and trackers.

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