The career of a digital artist is still relatively new in terms of the job market. It’s something that didn’t exist a few decades ago but is now enjoying a period of growth and attention.

It can combine a love of art and creativity with technology and computer knowledge making it a unique field to pursue.

If you consider yourself a budding digital artist and are gearing up to launch your business, there are some essential tech tools you’ll need.

These will ensure you can do your job productively and efficiently while maintaining a sense of creativity. So let’s take a closer look.

Your Laptop Will Be Your Most-Used Tool

Laptops for drawing have advanced and evolved significantly in the past few years.

These are high-tech tools that aren’t just meant for doodling but can help you to perform your job professionally too.

Digital artists now depend on their laptops to bring their creations to life.

You’ll be able to use a stylus to sketch on the laptop, just as you would with a traditional sketch pad and pencil, but you’ll have a bevy of tools and features at your fingertips.

As a digital artist, there will be some specifications you'll need to look for to ensure your laptop can handle your needs. Perhaps the most important are the clarity and sharpness of the images, the screen size, the operating system, the processor, graphics card, battery life, storage, and RAM.

The prices for drawing laptops vary, but because this is meant for your business you need to see it as an investment in your future. Now is the time to splurge and get something that will meet your needs now and as your business expands.

What Software Will You Be Using?

Also tied into your laptop purchase is the software you plan on using. You may want to make this determination first so it narrows down your laptop choices. Again, the software can be expensive but it's an investment.

Through schooling, you probably already have an idea of the software you prefer, but if you're looking for inexpensive options there is CorelDRAW, Clip studio paint, and Krita. Keep in mind these budget-friendly software options may not be adequate for your professional needs.

Many Find External Accessories to Be Handy

There are optional tech tools too, but many professional graphic artists do find they help with productivity. If you're working on a laptop, you may prefer an external mouse and keyboard.

These will give the laptop a more traditional feel, like a desktop, that many artists prefer. Because they are both relatively inexpensive accessories to purchase, it may be worth trying.

Following your dreams and becoming a digital artist is a big and exciting step, and while education and experience will be hugely important, so is having the right tech tools. These tools allow you to do your job seamlessly and professionally, allowing you to be the best digital artist possible.

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