“I have magic hair that glows when I sing” – Rapunzel

Tangled was released back in the year 2010, and is an American computer animated and musical fantasy film, which is a production of Walt Disney Animation Studios. This film is based on the story "Rapunzel", originally by "the Brothers Grimm". Keep reading till the end to find out about how old is flynn rider in the film.

The film tells us the story of a long lost princess named rapunzel, who wishes to leave the confines of the tower where she has been kept for her whole life. She yearns for an adventure against her foster mother's wishes. She then gets the help of a handsome intruder named Flynn Rider, who takes her out into the world which she had earlier never experienced before.

Facts About The Film “Tangled”

Here are a few random and lesser known facts about the film Tangled:

Mother Gothel Was Actually An Old Lady

Mother Gothel

We all are aware of the fact that Mother Gothel is actually a very old lady since she kidnapped Rapunzel and then proceeded locking her up in a tower for purely keeping herself beautiful and young forever - however Tangled never did disclose Gothel's actual age. If we actually look at the style of dress that Mother Gothel wore then you will notice that it actually dates back to the Renaissance Era. We also know of the fact that Tangled actually takes place around the late 1700s, that just means that the owman has been around - for over a period of four-hundred years!

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At The Lantern Festival Shown In The Movie, Rapunzel Unknowingly Caught Her Parents' Lantern

Rapunzel Unknowingly Caught Her Parents Lantern

The lantern festival actually starts out as a form of celebration for the baby princess. Though when originally Mother Gothel kidnapped rapunzel, the event did take a completely different turn. The lanterns would actually set the sky alight every year on Rapunzel's birthday in the hope that it would help her in getting back home.

Rapunzel always was fascinated by this festival, and when she finally gets the chance to see it - sees the lantern that she floated up in the air with a royal emblem - hence it was actually the one that her parents sent into the sky!

Their Age Difference

Rapunzel and flynn rider

If you are wondering how old is flynn rider in tangled, then let me answer your query. The Tangled couple are thought to have an eight year age gap. Rapunzel was 18 years old in the film and Flynn Rider was 26.

Pascal Was Originally Supposed To Be A Squirrel


During the stages of early development of the movie, Rapunzel's adorable companion was originally planned to be a "squirrel". Pascal was originally meant to be a furry long-tailed cute animal companion - however he was later designed based on a real chameleon, which was then owned by one of the workers. After it got decided that Pascal should be a reptile, Disney actually thought about making him purplr in color. In the end though, a green chameleon was considered as a best match - that also happened to go well with the Rapunzel's dress.

The Kingdom Of Corona Was Actually Inspired By An Island In France

The Kingdom Of Corona

The Kingdom of Corona was actually inspired by one of the most famous and visited places of France - which is the Mont Saint Michel located on the Normandy Coast. Before the pandemic happened, this place used to welcome nearly 2.5 million guests every year.

The island is still actually home to forty four residents, including the monks and nuns that live in Abby. It is also listed as one of the Heritage Sites of UNESCO. The monastery also is known to serve as an inspiration for the Minas Tirith city, which is actually a location in the "Lord of the Rings".

Tip: In the previous section I did discuss about how old is Flynn Rider.

The Easter Eggs Scattered In Tangled

The Easter Eggs Scattered In Tangled

Disney likes very well to hide little clues in their films in the form of Easter eggs. The film Tangled is not really an exception to it as well!

There was Pinocchio who was hiding away during the scene of the Snuggly Duckling. Rapunzel had painted the staircase, back in her tower with symbols from other Disney movies. There were symbols like - slipper indicating the film Cinderella, an apple indicating Snow White, a rose which indicated Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Tangled Is The Most Expensive Animated - Disney Film


Till date, Disney's Tangled remains one of the most expensive animated films of Disney and also nearly tops all of the lists regarding the "most expensive movies ever made".

The film Tangled has been in production for almost 6 years and has cost almost $260 million. The reasoning behind it is that this huge amount would be the result of a combination of computer graphics and hand-drawn animation.

Tip: Just a few sections back, I answered the question how old is flynn rider from tangled. If you have missed out on it then let me tell you, he is 26 years of age in the film.

Will There Ever Be Any Sequel To The Film?

Sequel to Tangled

Disney is always known to be very cautious when making decisions on which movies earn a second installment. Or about which ones get a franchise of their own.

Even though Tangled did get immense success, it never really earned a sequel. This is because the producer justified it by saying that Tangled's conclusion was already made when Rapunzel's hair was cut off completely.

Disney did though release a six minute animated short named Tangled Ever After which did share the events that happened post Tangled. It did show a very condensed form of narrative and a new form of animation style. The Tangled Ever After only ever focused on the romantic relationship between the main protagonists.

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To Wrap It Up!

That was all for information regarding the film Tangled and how old is Rapunzel and Flynn Rider in the film. I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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