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Tanima is a content writer who loves to write about topics like Travel, Gaming, Anime & K-Pop. When Tanima is not writing, she loves to spend her time delving into fantasies by reading books, drawing, and listening to music! Being a great travel enthusiast, she hopes to travel the whole world someday!
how did dora die
How Did Dora Die? Who Killed Her? - The Truth Is Finally Revealed!

Dora, albeit a bit slow, did get on our nerves but did that mean we wished death upon her? Hell no! I mean, that is a bit too extreme! But, you will shortly know what I am talking about if….

BY Tanima Ghosh
what is the best way to avoid overloading your boat
What Is The Best Way To Avoid Overloading Your Boat?

Boats are not only bought by people for leisure use; we also use them to move people and goods during shipping. Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention to the vessel’s capacity because it might prevent you from overloading your….

BY Tanima Ghosh
do you need a passport to go to Hawaii
Do You Need A Passport To Go To Hawaii?

Aloha readers! Wondering if:  Do you need a passport to go to Hawaii? Then keep reading to find out. Hawaii is a state in the Western United States that is separated from the American mainland by 2,000 miles in the….

BY Tanima Ghosh
how old is Moana
Phenomenal Feat At A Young Age: How Old Is Moana?

The film Moana was produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Studios in 2016. It is a quest type of film where the main plot shows the journey of the main character Moana, the daughter of….

BY Tanima Ghosh