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Is Margot Robbie In A Remake Of Terminator With Henry Cavill: Latest Rumors

author-img By Sarmind Safi 5 Mins Read November 28, 2023

Is Margot Robbie In A Remake Of Terminator With Henry Cavill

James Cameron’s Terminator has been a sci-fi staple for nearly 40 years now. It tells the tale of the Connor family and the time-traveling robots who infest them. The franchise has had six total hits on the theater screens. The last of them was a legacy sequel starring the Game of Thrones actor Emilia Clarke along with the legendary staple Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Latest posters featuring the Barbie star Margot Robbie and ex-Superman Henry Cavill are being taken as first hints at a possible new movie.

The poster comes with a compelling foreword on the film. It says, “Get ready for this thrilling remake of ‘THE TERMINATOR,’ hitting screens in 2025! Henry Cavill takes on the iconic role, bringing a fresh intensity to the relentless cyborg from a war-torn future. With Margot Robbie as the formidable Sarah Connor, this remake promises a riveting start to a bold new chapter in the legendary franchise.”

It further explained, “MARGOT IS SARAH CONNOR!!! 2025!!! Get ready for a riveting return to the future with the remake of The Terminator, featuring Margot Robbie as the fierce Sarah Connor. In a post-apocalyptic world, witness Sarah’s relentless determination as she raises her ten-year-old son, John, amid the chaos unleashed after Judgment Day. Brace yourself for a thrilling blend of action and emotion as the iconic saga takes a bold leap into a new era. Coming to theaters in 2025.”

Speaking with the SmartLess podcast, the director of the first two films, James Cameron said, “If I were to do another ‘Terminator’ film and maybe try to launch that franchise again, which is in discussion, but nothing has been decided, I would make it much more about the AI side of it than bad robots gone crazy.”

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