According to the predictions made at the Box Office, Aquaman 2 is projected to flop and join the recent list of comic book movie disasters. The fate of Aquaman will be analogous to that of The Marvels, as people are blaming a condition called superhero fatigue.

People are getting tired of superhero movies, which has resulted in the recent flops. Even though, according to the Box Office projections, Aquaman 2 might not suffer as bad a fate as the Marvels. But there is a probability that the performance of the movie might disappoint!

Aquaman 2 is coming this December, and it might fall face down big time if projections at the box office and recent failures of other superhero movies are to be believed. This sounds shocking, especially with the surprise blockbuster smash hit Aquaman!

The first movie of this series had a gross of around $335 million in the US while over a billion dollars worldwide. The film, however, was released in 2018. Many things have changed, especially with the content being oversaturated from both DC and Marvel.

The prediction has become more finalized, especially with a pathetic $47 million in the first week of the Marvel movie The Marvels! It is an evident flop even after positive reviews from critics and various websites. The predictions also claim that the film might earn even less than the Marvel movie!

The movie Aquaman will debut in the opening weekend with $32 to $42 million! Which is less than Marvel's, so the best-case scenario will be for the film to touch the opening weekend revenues.

In the pre-sales, it has been observed that other superhero movies, such as The Lost Kingdom, are not fairing much! It has barely performed 25% better than Shazam! Fury of the Gods was a massive dud.

Well, it seems the future of Aquaman 2 is not so bright and might have the power to bring DC down! This will end the superhero craze that has existed for some years!

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