Logan Paul and Dillon Danis are set to fight in Manchester on October 14. Their match has been curated in a very controversial and disturbing style. And yet the plans for holding the match stand. Logan Paul has meanwhile confirmed his status at WWE after the fight.

The Maverick has historically had great matches with fighters like The Miz, Roman Reigns, and, in his latest, Ricochet. Logal Paul has turned his haters upside down with his charged-up skills inside the ring.

Logan Paul, on the other hand, has not been active on the WWE screen since his last match at the WWE SummerSlam Premium Live Event. He spoke to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, talking about his return to the professional wrestling ring after getting done with his match against Dillon Davis this weekend.

He explained, ”I’ve got a whole hit list of people I want to wrestle, and they’re both on it (Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns). After I do this boxing match and knock out Dillon Danis, I’m going to get right back into it.”

Paul confirmed the exclusive report made by Ringside News. the news outlet also reported that Paul will not be a part of the WWE’s plans for Jewel Crown next month.

Danis has said in his turn, “I think people pick Logan because they’ve never seen me box, and in my MMA fights, my boxing didn’t look that good, and I’m pulling guard and shit like that. But I have a lot of ways to win. He only has one way. He may get choked unconscious, we’ll see.”

When asked about Paul’s “one way” to win, Paul replied saying, “Boxing. I’ve got every single arsenal in my, you know.” Reminded that it was a boxing match, he remarked, “Says who? Who’s gonna stop me?”

On Triple H, Danis claimed, “Triple H was a little bit standoffish, but he was telling me, like, he’s, like, ‘Yeah, go beat Logan’s ass, because we give him swirlies in the back, he’s not one of the boys,’ and shit like that. He really did tell me that.”

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