It seems like North West, the daughter of Kim Kardashian, needs to learn manners, especially when commenting on people and their fashion. It all started when North, ten years of age, disclosed in a recent episode of The Kardashians how her mother felt about the Met Gala gown Kendall Jenner wore.

Kim, age 43, teaches her daughter the significance of loyalty as she rants about her mother's thoughts on national television. In the episode, Kim Kardashian is relaxing with her family, including Scott Dissick and Penelope!

She tells North, "By the North, you need to have some, like loyalty! When Mommy talks shit about people, you do not go and tell them!" This is where a discussion between Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner is broadcast regarding the debate on the Met Gala looks!

Kendall went back and forth between two outfits for the biggest fashion event, the Met Gala! Kim Kardashian chose a specific look out of the two and said she loved it, which, ultimately, Jenner decided not to wear. Instead, Jenner sported a dazzling black bodysuit accompanied by stunning platform boots.

Kendall narrated the night's story when Kim told her that she loved what she was wearing! Later, when North and Penelope were in Kendall's room, she asked them who their favorite was, and they said it was her.

Kendall was happy and told North that even her mother liked her look. Here, North said to Kendall that her mother was lying when she said she loved Kendall's outfit. In reference to this context, Kim Kardashian tries to teach her daughter North, some loyalty.

While North is initially taken aback, she smiles a little while Penelope gives an ear-to-ear grin as she knows what's happening! Scott Disick also looks a little shocked by the "loyalty" comment. North seemed to be the truth-teller of the episode as she evaluated and commented on people's fashion and looks from the Met Gala Event!

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