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How to Create Account In Snapchat

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How To Create Account In Snapchat

Snapchat is a simple media that helps you to share your video and the day to day activities. This app is designed for regular users and frequent users to show their live videos. Many of the users count Snapchat as the teen application process. Still now, in 2021, This media is one of the best-designed messaging applications.

The app’s simplicity but multifunctionality is making a relatively safe application process rather than other social media broadcasting platforms. 90% of the social media platforms are saving videos and then broadcast them.

Snapchat is a mixed type application that has positivity of the common social media platforms fulfilling the desire of modern users. Other than video-sharing, this media has some very cool new features to entertain its young users.

The Attractive Features Of Snapchat In 2021

The Attractive Features Of Snapchat In 2021

  • Draw the doodles by just turning on the zoom future.
  • Apply multiple filters to your snap.
  • Snapchat has a very simple photoshop and photo editing facility.
  • The framing facility is quite impressive in this media. You can snap as the desired shape.
  • One-finger operations are making this application more user-friendly.
  • Add the audio to your snaps.
  • You can write on the snaps with multiple color letters.
  • Different snap games and puzzles are quite impressive compared to the other social media platforms.
  • You can change your camera from front to the rear while at the time of recording.
  • You can record almost without the sound.
  • Hide your locations from the snap map.
  • The video will delete after a certain period of time.
  • You can add a voice filter to edit the video.

The Simple Step By Step Process To Create An Account In Snapchat

The Simple Step By Step Process To Create An Account In Snapchat

As Snapchat is a simple messaging app, the operation of the application is quite easy to handle. This simple messaging app has a different feature to add videos and audio.

But before starting to explore the Snapchat application, we all need to learn first about the steps to create an account in Snapchat.

So, let’s jump into the topics of simple steps to create an account on Snapchat.

Step 1

google play store

First, you have to visit the google play store from your android or iPhone.

After visiting the google play store, just type Snapchat. Then you will get the option of downloading this media with the yellow icon beside it.

Step 2

Click the downloading option and start the download. After downloading the application, then simply click the signup option.

Step 3

signing up

After signing up, you will get the page of two empty fields to init. One for your first name, another for your last name. Enlist your name. After filling up the two fields, you have to click on the accept button.

Step 4

After accepting the terms, one page will pop up with the empty field of the date of births. You have to give an accurate date of birth. Then you have to continue.

Step 5

generated username

Then system generated username will pop up. But you have the option to change the username as per your requirement. Then press continue.

Step 6

After choosing the username, you have to give a password for your account. 

After giving your password, there is one page that will open. You only have to give your cellphone no in it.

Step 7

Then the page will open to continue. After the continuation, you will get the option to add your friends.

Step 8

contact list

You can add your friends from your contact list and your Facebook profile. The friend’s list should be short for the first time when you are first opening your Snapchat account.

Step 9

Then you can start to upload your videos and edit them. 

Snap Games

Snap games are the best features of snap chats. In 2021, there are many new games that are added as a feature of the latest Snapchat games. When you start to play the snap games, you will feel these games are slightly different types of games, then the regular social media games. 

You only can play the snap games from your message box.

If someone invites you to play games, then the playing option will become easier for you.

This media has multiple options to play games in the message box. Other than the invitation you can search the games as per your choice.

You just have to follow these simple steps of how to play a snap.

  • Click on the resent message box.
  • After opening the message box, you will see a rocket sign beside the typing bar. Just click on that option, and you will get multiple choices of categories of games.
  • When you open the playing options, you will find the simple control panel on your cellphone screen.
  • This control panel is quite larger and easily accessible than the iPhone. All games on Snapchats are quite easily controllable as the application is promoting only two fingers application.
  • Another useful feature of Snapchat is the signs, and the links of the previous games are always present in your chatbox.
  • All games on Snapchat are mainly one-to-one games.
  • If you want to play with multiple plays, Hence you have to invite your choosable partners.

Here is a small list of popular Snapchat games

Playing snap games is a little bit easier than playing the games on the social media page. Snapchat is a simple message application but comes with a better package with adding many features. 


In the modern social media era, people are more prone to invest their time in live videos and live chats. Social media platforms are the best way of getting in touch with your friends and family. The security is better than the other social media platforms as you can set the timer for the chats and the messages. After that fixed timeframe, all the history of the previous messages will get deleted. Snapchat is the best-designed application for young users of 2021.

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