It’s irritating when you open a Youtube video and see a message “Audio renderer error. Please restart your computer.” Recently, many internet users have reported that they faced Youtube audio rendered errors but don’t know how to fix the same.

These types of errors are common on Windows 10 and restarting your computer can be the solution for the same. On the other hand, if this message keeps popping back, there could be any software-related problem with your audio devices.

How To Fix YouTube Audio Renderer Error In Your Windows 10

YouTube Audio Renderer

If you have come across Youtube rendered error recently then there are several ways to fix it and here, I am going to discuss the same.

1. Restart Your Computer

The first step to fix audio rendered errors on Youtube is just to restart your computer because the instructions tell you to do so. Still, some users reported that this is just a temporary error, not a permanent one. 

However, if you feel that this method has truly worked for you then you don’t need any other steps for the same.

2. Uninstall The Audio Driver

The next step to fix the audio rendered error is to uninstall the audio driver. When you uninstall the audio driver, it will force Windows to reinstall the audio driver and this will automatically fix some driver issues on your Windows 10.

This is regarded as the best way to fix audio rendered errors on Youtube. You can go to Device Manager and switch the driver tab. You will find an option of “High Definition Audio Device” and then you can click on Uninstall Device.

3. Restart The Audio Device

Restarting the audio device also helps to fix audio rendered errors in your Windows 10. You can try this method if the above methods don’t work. 

For this, you need to open Device Manager by typing devmgmt.msc in the run box. Right-click on every audio adapter and then you can choose Disable Device. After few moments, you can again click Enable Device and then you can restart your computer if your audio rendered error is still not fixed.

4. Run The Audio Troubleshooter

In your Windows 10, you can troubleshoot the Youtube audio rendered error by running the audio troubleshooter. The built-in audio troubleshooter on Windows can support you fix some audio-related issues.

You can go to your Settings and select Update & Security. Then you need to click Run the Troubleshooter. If any issues found while running the troubleshooter then it will get fixed automatically. You can also restart your computer for the same.

5. Replug The Audio Playback Devices

One of the most common ways to fix audio rendered errors in your Windows 10 is to replug your audio playback devices. You will find this error mostly on Youtube.

So, unplug your audio playback devices and replug them on your computer. This is regarded as the best way to fix audio rendered error on Youtube in 2023. However, if this solution is not working for you then you can try the above ones.

6. Update Windows 10

An outdated system can cause many issues even audio rendered errors. So, to fix this and other errors, you need to update your Windows 10. 

To proceed with this step, you need to open the Windows Update on your start menu. Then, you can check for updates. You can also check for option updates in order to fic audio rendered error in your Windows 10. 


The Final Thoughts

The above listed are the top steps to fix audio rendered errors in Windows 10. These types of issues are common while using a computer but you must know the steps to fix the same. Besides, if you have any doubts regarding the above-listed points or facing other errors then you can mention them in the comments section below.

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