10 best Android apps of 2019

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best Android apps

The number of applications on the Google Play store is now close to three million. In the meantime, there are a lot of apps with similar functionalities. Therefore, in the place of trying each one of them, the list below will help you save time since it has all the info you need when you are looking for the best Android apps both free versions and paid versions. They are essential apps that your device should have in 2019.

1. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher


Nova launcher is among the best Android apps of 2019, and it has been in the store for long. This app is smooth, lightweight, fast, and comes with many customizations. Also, there are several icon packs available in the play store to change the way it looks. It supports customizations of the app drawer, notification badges, has scrollable docks, icon and folder customizations, and packs around many gestures for easy navigation. This app is free, but the premier versions unlock many other features and locked gestures.

2. Google assistant

Google assistant


Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence assistant that allows its users to communicate, navigate, and get things done. You can utilize this application on your iOS or Android devices for purposes of triggering apps, play games, ask questions, make plans, and much more including more than thirty voice commands. It functions on close to all smartphones despite the manufacturer. On other devices, it is possible to unlock the screen with the help of the Google Voice Feature. If you are using Google services like search, chrome, and much more, you will access personalized results when you search. Today, Google has put a lot of features in this application.

3. Swiftkey


This keyboard is trusted by more than two hundred and fifty million users in the world. It employs artificial intelligence which helps it learn and predict satisfactorily what users intend to type. It features gesture typing and autocorrects for fast typing input. Also, it has inbuilt a GIF search engine, an extensive range of themes, and is a good keyboard for folks with various languages. Swiftkey does not retain info from fields of passwords and sensitive info like credit card numbers. This application enhances your experience of typing and is an app you must have on the Android device in 2019.

4. Google Duo

Google Duo

This is among the best Android apps for video calling with simple interfaces. It is easy to log in and verify the number, and you can make video calls just like a standard phone call. The unique ‘Knock Knock’ feature allows you to have a preview of callers before receiving your call. It is possible to leave video messages to another person in case he is not available. Google Duo is a popular app, and it comes in iOS and Android.

5. Evernote


This is a cross-platform application for taking notes in different formats in 2019 including sketches, video, audio, photos, text, and much more. Evernote is a tool you need to help you stay organized in the current hectic life.

It syncs across all devices to facilitate the flow of work. It also comes with a home-screen widget for accessing notes with ease. Evernote is among the best android apps for all users. Even though Google Keep is a great app, the aesthetically pleasing interface and many functions make it a unique app for productivity.

6. WPS Office

WPS Office

This is a free Office suite app with all features in one application. It is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and integrates with Google docs, Memo, Spreadsheets, presentations, and PDF. WPS office comes with a PDF converter, editor, editor, reader, alongside abilities of file sharing for free, supports data encryption, multi-window mode, and much more. Overall, it is among the best Android apps for 2019.

7. Google News

Google News

This app is known for the delivery of news in news feed with the help of artificial intelligence techniques. Google News offers a ‘for you’ tab that shows news and when you tap on ‘full coverage,’ it showcases similar news stories reported by other publishers, showcasing all perspectives. In the section of Newsstand, it is possible to subscribe to various sources of magazines and news. The best section of this applications is that it possesses a massive news database which means that even unknown media publishers can be seen on this application.

8. ES file explorer

ES file explorer

This app is among populous Android file manager applications with all necessary features. It has a space analyzer that will help you free up space on the device. Media sharing with ES File Explorer over Wi-Fi is quite easy. It comes with app managers for you to install or back up applications. It is possible to uninstall system apps with privileges that come with this app. The ‘root explorer’ feature unlocks all functionalities for devices that are rooted. Nonetheless, it shows many intrusive ads, and its aim is power users.

9. Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is a great cloud storage service which offers you free storage space and access files on the platform of the cloud. It is possible to browse through all folders and data saved in the drive and share, download, move, print, or rename files from the app. It encompasses Google docs, slides, and sheets for you to edit spreadsheets, docs, presentations, forms, and much more, and save them there. Users can access fifteen gigabytes of space across Google photos, Gmail, and Google Drive.

10. WhatsApp


WhatsApp is an app that is free for instant messaging where clients can communicate with each other with the help of the internet service of the phone. It is one of the best Android apps of 2019. It gives you the ability to send voice messages and text messages, share images, links, location, and make calls to users all over the world. It is among the most secure Android apps and is accessible from desktop environs.


The apps listed in the list above are among the best Android apps for 2019 that you cannot operate without. They will give you the best experience on your smartphone and help you enjoy every minute of using your device. You need these apps to make sure that you are on top of the game. Use these apps to enjoy every minute of using your Android device.

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