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5 Proven Ways to Boost Your LinkedIn Engagement

author-img By Sharmita Shee 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

LinkedIn Engagement

Did you know that 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as a content distribution platform?

For most businesses, the professional social network is a goldmine for creating brand engagement, multiplying reach, and generating leads.

Here are five proven strategies to improve your LinkedIn engagement:

1. Publish Articles Regularly:

Regularly publishing insightful articles can establish you as a thought leader, attract readers, and improve your engagement on LinkedIn.

Start by analyzing industry news and reviewing new developments. You can also write about relevant topics from your own experience or expertise. Need an example? Follow the lead of California-based entrepreneur Kris Duggan, who regularly publishes original content on his profile to engage his professional network.

Also, don’t forget to include a CTA and a link back to your website.

Once you start publishing, remember to keep track of the engagement on each post. This will help you find out the topics that interest your audience the most. You can focus more on these areas the next time to avoid posting unengaging content.

2. Use Strong Visuals:

98% of LinkedIn posts with images receive more engagement than text-only posts.

Humans are visual beings — our brains digest images and videos much more easily than large chunks of text.

But using low-resolution images won’t get you any results. Make sure you use high-quality, strong visuals that complement your posts such as infographics or stock photos.

You can easily download royalty-free images and create your own LinkedIn post under minutes using free or low-priced sites like Canva.

3. Like and Comment on Other Posts:

Interacting with other people’s posts not only helps you get noticed, it also leads to increased engagement with your brand.

The professionals in your network will appreciate you engaging with their content, and will likely reciprocate and engage back with you.

On LinkedIn, it can be difficult to win all by yourself. You need to build relationships to capture authentic engagement.

4. Post at Optimal Times:

If you want to maximize your engagement, post when your audience is actually there.

The peak engagement times for LinkedIn naturally differ from those of other social media platforms.

The reason in simple. LinkedIn is the only social network most businesses allow their employees to use during the office hours.

Most people use LinkedIn from Monday to Friday, with the peak days being Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

5. Get Featured on LinkedIn Pulse:

LinkedIn Pulse is the platform’s newsfeed and content app. It offers multiple topic channels catering to millions of followers. Needless to say, getting featured on here can drastically increase your engagement.

Making it to Pulse is difficult, but it’s not impossible. Here are a few tips to increase your chances of getting your content featured:

  • Write SEO-friendly content. Make sure you optimize your articles for search with relevant keyword techniques.
  • Promote your content on multiple platforms, including Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter, to increase your chances of getting featured.
  • Reach out to @LinkedInPulse on Twitter and ask to get your article featured – this technique has actually worked for multiple content creators.

Start Engaging Your Network:

For most businesses and professionals, LinkedIn is an excellent platform to increase engagement and gather leads.

Focus on creating regular, insightful content, and consistently engage with your network. Ready to get started?

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