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A Symbol of Our Love: The Bride’s Guide to Choosing Men’s Wedding Bands

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

men's wedding bands

While the engagement ring gets the most attention, men’s wedding bands are just as important.

This is something your husband will wear for the rest of his life. When choosing a wedding ring, you need to consider his lifestyle, taste, and budget. But when you’re already planning a wedding, all the choices are intimidating.

Are you a bride-to-be helping your future husband choose a symbol of your love? Check out this great guide to choosing men’s wedding bands before you start.

Choose the Metal:

When shopping for men’s wedding bands, your first decision is choosing the metal.

Some of the most popular options are gold, platinum, and tungsten.

Gold rings provide many options when it comes to color. Different options of gold include yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. If you’re looking for a specific ring color, gold is the way to go.

Platinum rings are great because of the metal’s rarity and strength. These are hypoallergenic so your man won’t have any allergic reactions. Platinum rings are a great option for the traditional groom.

Tungsten provides the strongest metal option for wedding bands. Tungsten scratch-resistant, making it great for active lifestyles. It’s important to note that tungsten is heavier than other metals.

Decide on Design:

Once you choose your metal, then you decide on the design of the ring.

The major design choice is bandwidth. Most rings range from 2 mm to 20 mm depending on the style.

If your man is flashier, he may choose a 20 mm band with embedded diamonds. Simpler men often opt for the thinner bands. It all depends on his style.

A popular design option is engraving. You can engrave the ring with your wedding date or both of your names. Not only is this a personalized touch, but if the ring is ever lost, this may help you get it back.

Consider Alternatives:

Does your man work with his hands frequently? Is jewelry not his style? There are alternatives to the traditional wedding band to consider.

Some men opt to get a wedding ring tattoo instead of an actual band. This is great if your man has a physical job that is hard on his hands. It also is a great expression of your love since tattoos are permanent.

Silicone wedding rings are another popular alternative. These rings are soft and budget-friendly. Many have a lifetime guarantee and are more comfortable if your man isn’t a big fan of traditional jewelry.

Make sure that if you are looking to get a tattoo ring, you get them from experts that are experienced in such intricate craft work. To know more about artists and shops that can help you with ring tattoos, please visit the best tattoo artists in Dublin.

Beyond Men’s Wedding Bands:

Choosing men’s wedding bands is a hard decision, but breaking it down into steps simplifies the process.

First, start by choosing the right metal for his lifestyle and budget. Then, figure out the design specifics. And don’t be afraid to try a unique alternative to a wedding ring — every groom is different.

Now that you have the wedding band figured out, you can concentrate on other aspects of your big day. Check out this article to learn how to choose the best caterer.

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