If your wedding is just around the corner then you might be focusing a lot on how to do a million things. Planning the venue, dresses, guests and food menu and wedding invitation are some of the most exhausting processes to go through.

Out of numerous essential tasks, one is the wedding invitation. A wedding invitation should be a unique and creative experience for your guests. It must make an impression on the guests who receive it.

10 Creative ideas for wedding invitation

There are many ways out there to add a unique twist to your wedding invites and personalize them according to your type. You do not have to go way over the budget, hire an experienced company like Printing yagoona which can help you to choose the desired invitation card.

When it comes to being creative and thinking out of the box, there are many ideas one can go for. For example, you can add different fonts; go for unique color combinations and even illustrations. As now there is a huge focus on e-invites, expert graphic designers can create illustrations for your card which will set it apart from others. Not only that, but the paper material you choose can be also something unusual to make it seem something new and different.

Designing your wedding invitation card is showing your personality and style. You can make it as unique you want. The sky's the limit, and there is no end to creativity when it comes to choosing patterns, structures, and tones of your wedding invitation card. If you want some inspiration or ideas, here is a list of changes you can make:

1. Try using different colors at once

This is often called Colour blocking, in which you can put different hues and colors together on a palette. Usually, they can be contrast or opposite of each other and do not have to necessarily be the same. For example, using earthy tones like browns or whites, with a pop of color like orange or yellow can make a nice pattern which goes along extremely well with each other.

2. Use inspiration from your surroundings

If you live near the country-side or maybe near the woods, you can take inspiration from anywhere. One of the best ways to get some inspiration is to take a look at your surroundings. You can make cards inspired by trees or plants. Especially if your event is near any area with lots of trees it will look extremely different.

3 Use illustrations

The idea of using graphics and illustrations can be fun and very fresh. Now a lot of graphic designers excel in the art of creating funny illustrations and designs. You can put a portrait of the bride and groom, or even write all the details in a very fun sort of manner. Even a portrait of any scenic background looks very captivating. Such cards feature fun and short descriptions.

4. Make invitations like the royal wedding

You can add a touch of royalty to your invites, by giving them some more elegance. The invite can be fit for any prince or princess. Add simple but elegant colors and layouts that resemble just like any other royal invite. You can find some samples online and work along those lines.

5. Use paints or colors

Using watercolors will make your cards look like they were hand-painted. It will not only add a touch of personalization but also looks very artistic. The painting could be of any scenic view or even a portrait of you. You can paint it by yourself, or even add any graphics which look like they were painted.

6. Using rustic paper

You can use old brown papers which give a traditional but authentic feel to your invites. You can also DIY your own rustic paper by dipping them in coffee water and letting them dry (. The old traditional feel will remind your guests of the old English scripts and letters. In addition, you can definitely go for it if your wedding invitation theme is also the same.

7. Use Carvings

To make your wedding invitation to the very next level, you can use wood instead of paper. You can easily carve them with the details of your events. Not only will this look really cool, but also is a unique idea very few go with it. It gives very bohemian but chic sort of vibes to your invitation card and is also very aesthetically pleasing for the guests. Be careful of the expenses, as a lot of people may not be able to afford that.

8. Use new patterns and schemes

Traditionally we have seen round cards or the usual square once. You can change it up by using new symmetry or patterns. Some of them can be triangular, some even without a proper shape. This looks very modern and fresh. You can also change every invite to new shapes; some can have one type while some may have others. This will give a fresh new aspect to your wedding invitation, and will also be pleasing for your guests to receive.

9. Get inspired by your venue

If you are getting married near the beach, use beachy tones, colors, and shapes. Similarly, if you are getting married in a church, use graphics that can depict the church. You can go for color schemes which will depict your venue. You can also use shapes on your card, or even change the shape of your card to match with the venue. These cards can also be easily printed and they look fun and attractive too. Your guests will never have to second guess your venue.

10. Go old-school with the theme

If you do not want to be modern, you can try getting some inspiration from the 70s or 80s era. You can use the groovy lines, the art of that era or even references from pop culture. Add glitter and glamour too. For example, a disco theme is one of the most popular from the era, and you can use some sparkle to add it to your invitation theme! The guests are going to love this throwback.

As important as the day of the wedding is, an invite is a way to honor your guests and make them feel invited. Make sure you invite them in an interesting way, something they will always remember. Add custom gifts, chocolates or even nice personalized notes as a sweet gesture to make them feel welcome. Not only will this wedding become special for them, but they will always admire your creativity and genius. Who knows, someone may be able to take inspiration from you for their own!

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