Civil Marriage: Steps And Requirements

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Civil Marriage: Steps and requirements : Online News Buzz

A call can save you a lot of time, just as you should do to quote the banquet, floral arrangements for the wedding and even with the houses of events for marriage room decoration. It is recommended calling the notary where you want to get married to consult the current procedures and how is the process with that notary. The couple must go to the notary personally and appear before the notary. In the notary’s office, they must write a document which is usually provided by the notary in which the full names of the couple, the identity documents, age, occupation, address and the name of the parents are indicated.

What Are The Documents That Are Needed?

In addition to marriage vows that include short love phrases to express mutual feeling, they will need other documents to carry out this union, procedures that are very important to know and paperwork that should be on hand with time.

  • Boyfriends who get married for the first time
  • Birth certificates of the couple no more than 90 days of the expedition and who say valid to marry
  • Photocopy of the certificate of each of the couple
  • People with children of previous unions who are minors
  • Deed of formal inventory of property
  • Single people with children in common
  • An authentic copy of the civil registry of births of the children regardless of their age in order to be legitimized by the marriage of their parents
  • Divorced people without children from their previous marriage
  • Photocopy of the citizenship certificates of each of the future spouses

For divorced persons with children of their previous marriage who are minors. Once solved and ready the whole subject of legal documentation that will result in the civil union through the wedding rings and the signatures before the notary can concentrate more tranquility on all the details of the decoration for marriage they wish to choose. You can find more information regarding the document and the process on


It must indicate whether or not they have legal impediments to celebrate the marriage and certify that it is a union in freedom and spontaneous will. The couple must bring the documents corresponding to their civil status. If it is the first marriage of both, one is divorced, if there are children involved, if one of the two is widowed. When the wedding officiant notary has the signed application with the complete documents. The process is complete to receive all the necessary information of the marriage and the contracting parties. The proper documentation of the notary without the consent of both parties is not acceptable in many places. You are going to start a new life. This is why the legal documents are necessary for both of the spouses.

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