10 Latest Wedding Fashion Accessories

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Wedding Fashion

Great couples, the well thought out guest list, and adequate planning make for the perfect wedding. It is in a fashion that many weddings may fail. A color theme for your wedding often solves the challenges of wedding fashion. You can also add to the completeness of your wedding attire using fashion accessories. Here are 10 wedding fashion accessories that have seen a lot of attention in recent weddings, and which you should consider in your wedding plans.

10 Latest Wedding Fashion Accessories:

1. Brooch:


Brooches are perfect for uniformity in your wedding. They are discreet and add sparkle to your wedding. Brooches catch the eyes and make you look elegant. Depending on your budget and the size of your guest list, you may have brooches for everyone or bridal party only. The average price of brooches is not high, and you are likely to get big discounts when you buy in large numbers.

The color of your wedding brooches should rhyme with your wedding theme color. Your wedding planner or wedding fashion consultant will advise you on this. Brooches work well even in white only weddings. An added advantage of brooches is they come in a variety of designs for you to choose from.

2. Scarves:


When you are having a wedding in cold weather, scarves allow you to make a fashion statement and keep warm. They wrap around your neck in their various colors and patterns to compliment your wedding outfit. Scarves may not look so nice on the bride and groom but are excellent for the bridal party. A uniform color for all their scarves is the best way to do it.

The best scarves for weddings are those made of wool, cashmere or silk. They are available in different colors to suit your preferences. Cashmere scarves are especially soft and good at keeping you warm too.

3. Earrings:

Very few wedding outfits are complete without earrings. This especially applies to ladies. Some men too pierce their ears and put an ear stud there. Most probably, you will have earrings in your wedding without much thought going into it. Imagine how it would be like to have everyone wearing matching earrings? The men can have matching ear studs too.

Earrings are not expensive and are easy to put on. To achieve a uniform look, buy earrings of a single design and color in bulk. You can have them handed out to female wedding guests as they enter your wedding venue. After the wedding…yes you got it right. The earrings will be great keepsakes! If you’re looking for stylish earrings to wear for your wedding and everything else after, you can check out Adinas Jewels. They have beautiful earrings and other pieces of jewelry that can make you look outstanding no matter what the occasion is.

4. Necklace:


Necklaces are no longer reserved for women only. Men too wear necklaces in modern times. A necklace can have a pendant or not. For your wedding, necklaces will be an interesting fashion accessory. You can hand them out with no pendants – each guest will later add a pendant of their choice if they want.

A necklace accentuates the neck and expresses your style. They easily complement any outfit. While the bride can go for a statement piece in their neck adornment, let the guests’ necklaces remain rather simple. Dainty necklaces are slim and add just the right touch of fashion without being overpowering.

5. Lapel pins:

Lapel pins

Pop culture has given us creative fashion accessories that you can easily add to your wedding. Lapel pins are about lifestyle and making a unique statement. The common materials used to make most pins are enamel and various metals. Well made pins last long and can work with a wide variety of attires. For your wedding, have lapel pins that can be worn even on another day.

The message you convey on your wedding lapel pins is very important. You can have the lapel pins made into symbols or to include words. You can easily get your customized wedding lapel pins from vivipins to suit your taste.

6. Cabby hat:

Retro-themed weddings get a generally sophisticated yet casual look with cabby hats. Also called newsboy caps, these hats come in many variations. They however all have the same rounded design. The material used to make them is either tweed or standard wool. They often feature a small bill at the front. Cabby hats are easy to match with most outfits. Men are the gender often seen sporting cabbie hats. However, ladies in cabby hats look especially sophisticated.

Popular cabby hats are in the fiddler and classic styles. The classic style is wonderful for formal and casual occasions. Fiddler style is better suited for individuals aiming to stand out from the crowd.

7. Socks:


Who knew socks at a wedding can be a fashion tool? These small pieces of clothing that are often hidden away and inconspicuous may be just the missing bit in your otherwise fabulous wedding. Socks for men can be in a single color – but those will not stand out.

How about a flamboyant pattern on the socks? Dress and Trouser socks are a great way to go for weddings. Also suitable are men’s alpine Swiss socks. Make sure to get cotton socks – they are the best. Sadly, it may not be very practical handing out socks to your wedding guests. If you are spicing up your wedding fashion with socks, concentrate on the bridal party.

8. Bracelets:


Bracelets are versatile jewelry pieces that accessorize your style. In your wedding, you can use bracelets to express the personal side of the occasion. You can hand out bracelets to guests with ease and most will not have a problem wearing the wrist adornments. Additionally, guests get to keep the bracelets and remember the married couple by them. Bracelets also work very well as guest markers when you are afraid of gatecrashers!

The bracelets you give out should be durable, work with the color theme of your wedding and should not fade out with time. Metals are best for the bracelets you have in your wedding.

9. Sunglasses:


Outdoor weddings are so awesome.  Everyone loves an outdoors wedding. Sadly, there may be too much glare from the sun affecting your eyes. This is exactly why you may need sunglasses in your wedding. They complement formal suits very well. They also work well for ladies.

So, who gets to wear sunglasses at your wedding? The bridal party is the number 1 candidate for this. Sunglasses on the groom or bride may send the wrong message at times. It is fine if any of the two wear prescription eyeglasses, but a pair of sunglasses is definitely out of the picture for the groom and bride. When shopping for your wedding sunglasses, go for subtle unisex designs.

10. Shoes:


What is a wedding without shoes? They are an important part of your attire notwithstanding whether you are a guest or in the bridal party. Men generally have a rather easy time with their shoes. On the other hand, ladies are known for their wedding shoes! The bride especially will have shopped for her shoes with great attention to detail. Great shoes are comfortable to wear and functional too.

Remember you will be wearing a single pair for all day – in all likelihood. You definitely have to get it right. Wedding shoes work best as fashion accessories if they are in the color of the wedding dress or trousers for men. The bridesmaids and groomsmen too should have their shoes matching their attire.

We made sure that these wedding fashion accessories are not expensive. You can also get most of them customized to meet your personal preferences. For items such as lapel pins, bracelets, and brooches, make sure they are wearable even to another event after your wedding. Some of the accessories double as security tools to help keep out gatecrashers. Let your creative juices flow and find other unique uses for these latest wedding fashion accessories.

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