What Are Promise Rings and Why Do They Make Amazing Gifts?

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Promise rings

Maybe you’re in love but not ready for marriage. You’re not alone. This idea is becoming more and more common these days.

So how do you show your commitment without taking the plunge?

The promise ring is a perfect, elegant way to show a loved one you care.

Here’s your guide to promise rings and why they make incredible gifts.

What Are Promise Rings?

The history of the promise ring dates back to 16th century England. These early rings were called “posy rings.” They were often engraved with poems or messages of love.

For example, one 17th century ring in The British Museum is inscribed with “Let this present my good intent.” These kinds of rings were very popular in the Victorian and Georgian eras.

This sentiment has stayed more or less the same over the years. The promise ring represents love and commitment in all forms. Each specific meaning will depend on the nature of the relationship.

But for the most part, it symbolizes a romantic devotion and love.

Promise rings can also make a great gift for a friend or sibling. Here a ring would symbolize a platonic relationship or bond. They can indicate that your friendship will last forever.

That’s not all. Promise rings can be a gift for yourself. They may be a symbol of a goal or a celebration of an important event or achievement in your life.

These rings are often smaller than engagement rings and they don’t have to go on the ring finger like a wedding band.

Why Do They Make Amazing Gifts?

Promise rings make amazing gifts because they’re a physical manifestation of faith. They allow you to show your love without promising marriage. Rings can symbolize different things depending on your relationship and motive.


A promise ring can mean a multitude of things.

They can symbolize a transition from casual dating to being an exclusive couple. Similarly, they show that while you’ve been in a long-term relationship, you may not be ready to get engaged.

Promise rings can serve as the intermediary step before a full-on engagement period.

Some couples may even find that they don’t believe in marriage or intend on getting married at all. In this case, you might find you want to show your loyalty in a concrete way. The promise ring is a wonderful gift for this scenario.

One amazing thing about the promise ring is that it makes a versatile gift. It doesn’t always have to carry a romantic connotation. It can be a symbol of faith or pledge toward a greater goal.


Unlike engagement rings, the custom for giving a promise ring as a gift is different. It will vary on the comfort level of the individuals involved. A girlfriend or boyfriend can give it as a gesture in any way they wish.

There’s no specific tradition to follow. There’s no need to get down on one knee or expect the man in a heterosexual relationship to propose.

A promise ring can make a lovely present for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary.

There are, however, some factors that might lead you to give a promise ring as a gift. These will depend on your relationship and budget.

In most cases, a promise ring is given to a partner after an appropriate amount of time. This, of course, depends on how fast your relationship has progressed and how long is “long enough.” It will be whatever is right for you and your significant other.

The promise ring is a good gift to give if you can’t afford an engagement ring but want to show your commitment. They’re often cheaper than a typical wedding ring.

No matter the circumstances, they’re a serious gesture that shouldn’t be given lightly. Most people who give a ring to another person are ready to take the next step in a relationship. You should be aware of this before searching for the right ring.

Finding The Perfect Ring

Now that you know what the promise ring symbolizes, how do you find the right ring?

Engagement rings often elicit the image of diamonds in people’s minds. This is not the case with promise rings. There are many different materials and stones that can make up a promise ring.

Gemstones such as opals, emeralds, and quartz are popular choices. They can be set with other crystals or even smaller diamonds.

Birthstones are also popular items for promise ring buyers. They add a personalized, special meaning to this particular gift.

You can also choose what type of metal material is right for your loved one’s individual style.

Many people go with rings that may not even have stones at all. Heart and infinity shaped metals are common types of promise rings.

If you want to take a risk, a statement ring can make a special promise ring. Maybe your partner is eccentric or loves bold colors. A chunky, playful promise ring may be the way to go for your particular lover.

The possibilities for the type of ring you can choose are endless. View here for more beautiful options for promise rings.

Learn More

The concept of marriage can put enormous pressure on couples who aren’t necessarily ready for it. That’s why promise rings are a great middle step and a beautiful gesture of love.

The ideal ring for your lover will depend on their taste and style, but there’s a ring for every type of person.

Get started with your search for the perfect ring. In the meantime, check out our blog for more tips on fashion and style.

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