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Best Tips on Men’s Wedding Bands to help you to pick the right one

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Wedding Bands

People have a misconception that the custom-designed jewelry is the choice of only the affluent superstars and elite class people, but it is not. Visit any good jeweler near you and ask them about custom designed jewelry and you will be surprised by the variety of options they offer.

Most of the time you may not find the most adorable piece of jewelry among the ones displayed on the shelves or one that you have always longed for or wanted one to adorn your finger. However, that should not make you disheartened. You always have the option to shop around for custom designed jewelry.

While shopping for custom made jewelry as a wedding band or ring, the confusion is how to go about it as you need to take into account a few aspects that can help you to lay your hands on the right set of designs and styles.

Here, are a few tips offered by an expert, which you can keep in mind while looking for men’s wedding bands.

1. Only buy from a reputable jeweler :


You need to do a thorough evaluation of the reputation and popularity of the jeweler to choose the best. With the demand for custom-made jewelry, most of the providers now offer it, but not all of them are good.

In the case of custom designing, the skillfulness of the artisan as well as the usage of advanced machinery is essential. This will be available only at the best professional jewelers.

You can ask your friends, family, and others who had opted for custom designed jewelry so that you can get an insight in this regard. Even if they cannot offer any recommendations, they may still be able to give you some clues about jewelers that you must stay away from and avoid approaching depending on their first-hand experience. Say, for example, if you buy a diamond, it should have a GIA (Gemological Institute of America Inc.) certification provided by a licensed appraiser.

Only buy from a reputable jeweler

2. Plan early :

Most of the time, you may be searching for a seller to custom design a wedding band. For this, it is necessary to plan it on time and not just a couple of days before the event. For a perfect custom design men’s wedding rings/bands, it may take anywhere between few days to a couple of weeks to complete the work as per your requirement for which you have to give the contract to the designer well in advance so that you get the consignment on time.

This is how the process goes :

  • First, you have to consult the artisan and share your ideas about the type of wedding band you want.
  • They may create a sketch or computer-aided design (CAD), which you have to approve.
  • A raw mold of the design will be made next, which will need to be scrutinized and given some finishing touches.
  • A wax model may be made first to give a virtual idea of how the finished product will look like.
  • Once you approve of it, your designer will work with real metals and stones, which may take a few days to get through various processing to come up with the finished product.

It is always ideal to choose a jeweler who can patiently work with you at each step to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Revisions may be required, and practical readjustments also may be needed in between to get what you want your wedding ring to be.

3. Things to consider while choosing a diamond :

While buying a diamond, you have to consider the essential 4 C’s to decide over its quality as

  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Color and,
  • Carat weight

Choosing a diamond to be encrusted on a wedding band largely depends on the budget and personal taste. The sparkle of a perfect diamond depends more on its cut. The cut is in fact not the shape as round or cushion, but it is primarily the proportion and symmetry of the diamond as well as the polishing done.

A wise move while choosing a diamond with a perfect carat weight is to choose one slightly smaller than the magic sizes of 1 carat, 1.5 carats, or 2 carats, etc. An average onlooker will not be able to identify the difference between two diamonds the difference in the size of which is almost negligible. Say, for example, a diamond of 1.01 karat may be about 20% less priced than a 0.98 karat one at https://www.mensweddingbands.com/; however, both of these may look practically the same to a common man’s eye.

Things to consider while choosing a diamond

4. Don’t make a blink choice, explore options :


A professional custom wedding band designer will ask you very specific questions as the preferred width in millimeters, whether you like sharp lines? Or if you are fond of perfectly rounded corners and so on.

They may also keep samples of their previous works of custom-designed wedding bands with which you can get some better insight as to how you want your piece of jewelry to look like. You can also search virtually and show your jeweler the images of wedding bands you like, but in such cases, you may be opting for a standard replica of an existing style.

If brides want to surprise their man with a perfect wedding band, it is ideal to explore their personal choices, personality traits, and preference of metal, etc. to decide over custom design. It is also essential to consider the lifestyle of a person and also the kind of work they do to choose the most appropriate material and style of wedding bands.

5. Try purchasing an engagement ring and wedding band from the same jeweler :

 Approaching the same jeweler for both your engagement ring and wedding band will be ideal as the artisans may be familiar with your taste and style preferences to come up with the best options. In fact, while planning it earlier with the same jeweler, you also get more time and ideas that you can give shape to. You also will get some good discounts on making repeated purchases from the same seller.

There’s a misconception among people that custom-designed jewelry may cost a fortune for common people. This is not always true, and the cost may vary primarily based on the labor involved and the ornamentation you want, nevertheless, this can be most affordable to many and cost-effective too.

There are also options now for buying your wedding band online. This is much cheaper and quicker compared to buying offline; however, you need to exercise more caution while buying online to deal with only the most reliable and professional sellers online.

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