Bitlife Prison Escape – Latest Updates And Guide for 2021

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Bitlife Prison Escape

Are you a puzzle game lover? Bitlife Prison Escape is one of the popular games among all puzzle game lovers. Bitlife has multiple options for the mini-game admirers but prison escape is the puzzle game where you have to break out of the prison for winning.  

Bitlife Prison Escape sounds simple and easy but trusts me none of these are correct. 

The easy and the hard gesture all depends on the medium, hard or easy level of the game. All the levels have a separate type of prison map. That will help you to make the perfect escape plan. The 8×8 prison escape bitlife and the bitlife prison escape 8×7 are the toughest two steps among all prison escape plans.

You will get all the cheat sheets maps against each layout. 

The ribbons are most helpful when we are talking about the Bitlife Prison Escape games.

The first thing which comes to your mind is how can I escape from prison when the guards are present. The guard is moving two times against your every move. The first moves towards you and the guard are moving horizontally.

To block the cops you only need to just push the cops against the walls of the prison.

The cheat sheets will help you to reach each of the map layouts and the cheat sheets will help you to make the scape planes. At the primary level of the games, you have to start with the 3×4 maps and after achieving the winner position in each level the maps will increase from the 3×4 to 8×8 and the 8×7. The full game of the prison escape is consistent with 8×8s, 7×4s, 7×5s, 6×6s, 6×5s, 5×5s, 4×4s, and 5×4s layouts, and each layout has different cheat maps. 

How You Will Get The Ribbons 

Bitlife Prison Escape has two types of ribbons that will help you to break out of the prison. The new version of the Bitlife Prison Escape 1.20 has many types of new ribbons named Rowdy, Thief, Deadly, etc.

Here are the basic two types of ribbons explanations that will help you to achieve the next levels of the games.

  • Jailbird Ribbon

This is the easiest achievable ribbon among the two ribbons. You only have to go in and out several times. After doing these three to four times the Jailbird Ribbon is all yours. The Jailbird Ribbon is the easiest achievable Bitlife Prison Escape.

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  • Houdini Ribbon

Houdini ribbon is relatively tougher than achieving the jailbird ribbon. The process of getting the ribbon is consisting of the repeatedly escaping plan and not getting caught by the police.

If the police cannot touch you till your 60s. Then you have to start robbing the houses. That time if you are caught by the police then they will put you in jail. That time if you are able to escape the jail three to four times then at the end you will get the Houdini ribbon.

The Prisons Of The Bitlife prison Escape

The Bitlife Prison Escape is the gaming platform that increases the map area after per level increments.

Here are some simple prison break plans for you which will help you to understand the methods of cracking the puzzle games.

1. 3×4 Map

This is the smallest prison break map of the game. This is the easiest part of the entire game. All you have to do is just trap the guard in a single place and then escape the prison.

2. 5×7 Map

This has the most wall-filled maps. The guard has three main small corners to work and one corner is separated from the main roads.

So you have to move around the guard and the walls. If the guard can not catch you. Then you will get to the exit gate just before the guards hunt the prisoner. This 5×7 has two layers the one is the first layer and the second one is the second layer of the 5×7.

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3. 5×6 Map

This map is quite similar to the 5×7. Only one thing is an exceptional one. This layout provides more space for the guard to move which makes the prisoner’s escape plan quite challenging.

4. 5×5 Map

This is the relatively nerve-pressurized level for the players. The guard is not moving at all but you only have to do one thing just trick the guard into not leaving the present situation. This can be quite challenging for the prisoners. 

5. 7×4 Map

This is the first prison you will see with two U-shaped walls. As the layout is quite large you will get enough space to play your game. The large area and no of walls are better than the previous levels. You can trap the guard in an easier manner than the previous layers.

6. 6×5 Map

This layer also has a separate type of walls with L-shaped including two single walls. Whenever we are talking about trapping the guard. Compared to the other levels of the games this level is more walls and the prisoners are more places to hide. All you have to do is just plan the escape process.

7. 6×6 Map

This layer has two steps. The first layers are relatively easier than the second layers. But when you are in the second layer of the game you will see numerous numbers of the walls. You have to trick the guard to follow you almost all over the places until they are not coming in, all surrounded by walls. 

8. 8×8 Map

When you are in the 8X8 maps that means you are already passing all layers and at last you are in the toughest layer of the Bitlife Prison Escape game. This is the hardest part of the game and most of the players can not pass the layer without getting multiple times to fall.

9. 8×7 Map

The maximum-security is the all-time challenge for the prisoners to escape. This level is just becoming the hardest part among them all. The walls are just in the middle of the map. This wall placement is making the whole prison break more challenging.


Bitlife prison Escape is launching their newer version of the game which is the 1.21 version. The new updated version consists of many extra functions like a rite, prison jobs, prison breaks, etc. But every time you have to remember one thing the cops will move first and the most importantly every time the riots do not get successful.

If the riots become unsuccessful that time the prison sentence becomes more lengthy. The lengthy prison sentence means the more challenging for the prisoner to escape.

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