Keep Your Brain Fit with Rummy Card Games

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Rummy Card Games

With the evolution of the internet and the increasing accessibility throughout the globe, various industries have transformed every facet of our being, including the entertainment industry. Earlier friends and family would gather to play indoor games to kill time and bond over holidays and festivals, but now these indoor games are available online for recreational purposes. These games are available on any device owned by the individual, but you might think they are a waste of precious time. Well, you could not be farther from the truth! Research shows that online games have the ability to incrementally improve their cognitive skills which are extensively used in our day-to-day lives.

Indian Rummy, a card game, is one such indoor game that is available online and played for recreational purposes. People enjoy playing the game because of the intense endings and the adrenaline rush the game provides to the player. Indian Rummy also requires a great deal of skill, strategies, and presence of mind to win and that makes the game entertaining and fun. Research shows that Indian Rummy can greatly enhance some important brain functions and cognitive skills that are beneficial to players in the real world. Let’s look at some of the brain functions that are exercised and improved by playing Indian Rummy.

Here are Keep Your Brain Fit with Rummy Card Games:

1. Cognitive Development

Constantly playing Indian Rummy improves the cognitive skills of the player exponentially. The player’s memory, concentration, and focus are extensively used in the game, and keeping the brain worked positively can lead to some good results. Other than that, Indian Rummy is primarily for enjoyment and entertainment. The game is efficient in relaxing the brain and proves to be fun for all the players. Throughout the day, the brain is worked up and tired, so relaxation and a form of enjoyment that comes in the form of Indian Rummy are readily welcomed and keeps the brain healthy.

2. Competitive Spirit

Indian Rummy has online paid games and tournaments were a huge number of players participate to win money. This increases the competitiveness of a player. Increased competitiveness helps the mind stay focused on the goal, and drives the player to make better decisions in the game to emerge as the victor.  If you do lose the game, your increased competitiveness will help you improve your game so that you can win the next time.

3. Problem-Solving Skills

Indian Rummy and its variants have a huge impact on the problem-solving abilities of an individual. Sometimes, the player might find himself in a precarious situation that uses the problem-solving abilities of the brain. Being stuck in these situations helps improve these abilities drastically. Moreover, it enables you to manage unforeseen situations efficiently. The instinctive nature of the player is also improved if he or she is constantly prone to these situations.

4. Memory Enhancement

A player has to keep track of the opponent’s moves. He or she has to observe the cards that have been picked up by the opponent and the cards that have been dropped to accurately predict the possible combinations and eventually form necessary strategies. This requires excellent short-term and long-term memory to remember all the cards and possibilities. Playing and mastering Indian Rummy leads to a tremendous increase in memory that can help in the real world too.

5. Improvement in Concentration

Some people innately have poor concentration and find it difficult to keep the mind focused on the task at hand. Rummy doesn’t allow that. If you lose concentration during the game, it can cost you heavily, especially during cash rummy paid games. Strategies and perfect implementation of techniques require solid concentration, something that playing the game can drastically improve.

6. Better Habits

Different people have different coping mechanisms such as alcohol, drugs, and other destructive habits. Playing Indian Rummy can help improve these habits and get rid of them altogether. According to university study, a 24% reduction in such habits was seen by Indian Rummy players because they had to clearly use their brains for techniques and strategies.

7. Better Social Skills

Indian Rummy is a game of communication. You need to be able to enunciate and clearly communicate certain keywords and phrases that are used in the game. Certain words like deadwood, drop, show, middle drop, shuffle, open deck, etc. need to be communicated clearly to avoid any confusion and for a seamless experience of the game. Other than that, discussion during the calculation of points and after the game is also necessary and calls for some good social skills. Continuously playing Indian Rummy will improve these social skills which have a practical application in the real world as well.


The entertainment industry is exploding on online game platforms and a variety of games are being played by gamers. Indian Rummy is a card game that highly improves the cognitive functions of the player and is beneficial to the brain. The brain stays healthy due to increased cognitive abilities, lower stress, and better relaxation.

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