How Beginners Can Succeed In The Highly Engaging And Exciting Game RuneScape 3

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RuneScape 3

RuneScape was one of the world’s first Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games. It was first created in 2001 with 2D capabilities. Make no mistake; RuneScape was the first game, which started the entire trend of MMO.

Over the last two decades, the game has evolved by leaps and bounds. From a few thousand players, the games now boast of over 25 Million Player Profiles in total. In terms of content, user experience, graphics, quests, and challenges, RuneScape has come a long way from its rudimentary start.

In this article, we will look at some of the major elements of RuneScape 3. We will look at what makes it one of the best MMO games even today. We will also look at how beginners can excel at playing RuneScape 3 and discuss they can buy old school runescape gold.

old school runescape gold

RuneScape: Origins and History

The first version of RuneScape was created by the Gower Brothers who started off while working at their parent’s home in Nottinghamshire, England. In less than two decades, the fortunes of both the brothers are estimated to be 11 Million Pounds!

RuneScape 1 can hardly be called a radical or tech-savvy game. With very raw 3D renderings, zero sound effects and very little by way of skills and excitement, the game was still able to capture the imagination of a vast clientele.

While RuneScape 3 is written in HTML5, the first one was composed in Java. This means that there is not even a shadow of comparison between the earlier versions of the game and the present game. Even attributes like the fuel of the game like the OSRS gold has seen a change.

RuneScape 3: The Best MMORPG Ever?

When it games to MMORPG games, people fail to realize that every game has a following. In other words, games like RuneScape have already assumed a cult personality. Being the torchbearer for this niche the game has slowly evolved from its humble beginnings and is now one of the most highly played games in the world (in terms of player profiles).

Ever since it was launched, RuneSpace has always been about completing quests and achieving skills. While the first game was not complete in terms of quests, the latest version offers innumerable thrills, experiences, and excitement.

You can also unlock many new skills and abilities by using your RuneScape gold. You can try activities like attack and defense to unlock gold. You can also exchange RuneScape gold with other players through one-on-one interactions. In addition, you can also send the gold to some player who requires it.

What the creators have been very successful in doing is to elevate the status of quests by acquiring skills. This means that you have three core tenets, which drive the game- skills, activities, and quests. Due to all these, the ‘grind’ or an MMORPG is never dulled in RuneScape 3. You keep on playing with the same intensity and excitement over long periods.

Can Beginners have the same level of fun as advanced players?

One criticism, which has been leveled in some forums, is that new players need to keep playing for some time in order to reach a level, which is truly exciting. In other words, beginners need to slog it out for some time, until they have the RuneScape gold, which helps them unlock quests and activities.

However, this can only happen once you keep playing the game for some time. Thankfully, this problem has been solved with help from third-party platforms, which help you in buying OSRS gold and RuneScape gold.

Once you are able to get the gold, it becomes easier for you to unlock quests, move at faster speeds, and try out interesting activities like skiing. Beginners can also take help from the RuneScapeWikia page to help them understand, which quests should be taken up and in which order.

Expert RuneScape players also suggest that beginners should play in groups and help each other when it comes to collaborations. By playing together, helping, and guiding each other, beginners can hope to complete major portions of the game.

Should you give RuneScape 3 a shot?

This section is specifically targeted towards two target audiences-

  1. People who have played earlier versions of RuneScape 1 and 2, but have not kept touch with the game for some time.
  2. People who have played games like World of Warcraft and are new to the MMORPG (first-time players).

People who are familiar with RuneScape 1 and 2 will love RuneScape 3 for all the right reasons. People who have never played RuneScape 3, but love the entire MMORPG format, need to play the game, which started the entire frenzy.

It is tough to sustain a game for a period of over two decades. Experts feel that RuneScape has been able to do that because of continuous and sustained development. Whatever aspect of the game you are looking at- graphics, interface, sound effects, interaction, and group activities, RuneScape 3 is ever-evolving.

The new content keeps fuelling the excitement of the game and improves the player experience drastically. If you have not yet played RuneScape 3, you are probably missing one of the best-made MMORPG games in the world.

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