How To Make A Lectern In Minecraft? – The Complete Guide

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how to make a lectern in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game about exploring the deepest parts of the game’s world to find amazing secrets and treasures. It’s also a game about digging up the ground and finding new resources to craft new things. However, before you can craft anything, you need to learn its requirements and recipe. One such crafting recipe that players wish to learn is how to make a lectern in Minecraft.

Therefore, if you are a Minecraft player who wishes to learn this, then continue reading this post till the end. Here, you will learn what is a lectern in Minecraft and learn to build it.

What Are Lecterns In Minecraft?

Lecterns are construction blocks in Minecraft. They can serve as ornamental accents or as places to keep books. They are straightforward blocks that can be used as a podium or to fill a space. If you want villagers to work as librarians, you must also learn how to make lectern Minecraft first. This is helpful when looking for certain books in the game.

How To Make A Lectern In Minecraft?

To learn how to craft a lectern in Minecraft, you must know what materials you need and its crafting recipe. I have explained both of these below.

Materials Required

To learn how to make lectern in Minecraft, you need to have the following items:

  • 4x Wood Slabs
  • 1x Bookcase
  • 1x Crafting Desk

Here, you may utilize hardwood slabs for creating the lectern. It does not matter what type of wood you use for this recipe since you may mix and match different wooden slabs. However, creating a bookshelf is the most challenging step in building a lectern.

Although the bookcase is not expensive, it can be a hassle if there are no cows around. You will require the 3×3 crafting menu of a crafting table to create a Minecraft lectern.

Lectern Minecraft Recipe

Open the 3×3 grid-based Minecraft crafting area to create this object. 3x wooden slabs should cover the whole first row, followed by the bookcase in the second row, followed by a single wooden slab under it. Just click to drag the objects to your inventory at this point.

To learn how to make a lectern in Minecraft by using this Minecraft lectern recipe, follow this process:

  1. Find some cows to start with. To create books and a bookcase, you will need leather that cows leave behind. You will need three books to build a bookshelf. Therefore, go cow-hunting till you get 3x leather. On the grassland, cows can be spotted pretty easily. However, they don’t always drop their hides. Slaughter all cows in sight till you 3x leather.
  2. You will then need paper. You must locate sugarcane if you want to create paper. Look for sugarcane around water supply blocks and in riverbeds. On sand or soil, only sugarcane will grow. Making paper takes 3x sugarcane. Each cane will yield three sheets of paper. Therefore, a lectern will require 9x sheets of paper in total for the books. To obtain sugarcane, either find nine or cultivate it yourself.
  3. To obtain the slabs you want, you will need to cut a tree. Make planks out of the logs, and then slabs out of the planks. Set aside the slabs and make paper using sugarcane. To craft paper, line up 3x sugarcanes in one single row.
  4. Once the paper is crafted, you may create 1x book with leather and paper. You will need 1x leather and 3x sheets of paper for each book. To create these books, put them on your crafting table.
  5. Put your three books in the middle of the crafting table’s row. Build a bookshelf by placing wooden boards around the books.
  6. You need one big bookshelf to craft a lectern Minecraft. In the center of the crafting menu, place a bookcase with slabs on the row above and underneath it. Which type of slab you use to construct the lectern is irrelevant. You can modify the slab type in the crafting recipe, and it won’t impact the way it looks.

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What Does A Lectern Do In Minecraft?

For villagers, a lectern serves largely as an employment block. Any unassigned villager will look for a work block nearby, and the lectern will give them the librarian profession. A standard book will be transformed into an enchanted book by librarians. As long as the librarian is level one and hasn’t traded, you can refill their inventory.

This implies that you can keep checking a librarian’s stock until they sell the one enchanted book you’re after. These books can only be found and cannot be often charmed, making a very valuable enchanted book repair.

Books and quills can also be placed on lecterns. This would make a beautiful addition to any space in your home as furniture. Right-clicking on the book. The quill will allow you to read them from your lectern. While it is mounted on the lectern, you are unable to make changes.

A book and quill put on a lectern can cause it to generate a Redstone pulse, which is a fascinating use for them. This pulse will sound whenever the lectern is right-clicked. It will also sound if you use the quill and book on the lectern to flip the pages.

The lectern is where you go if you wish to obtain unlimited supply of enchanted books. When you require specific enchantments for your equipment or armor, it can be time-consuming and difficult to replenish a librarian’s supply of enchanted books one at a time. Additionally, a lectern is only an ornamental block. There aren’t many methods to build a podium into your space, but in the game, a lectern is a simple and quick remedy.

Significance Of Lecterns In The Game

The point of lectern in the game of Minecraft is to have a job site block which is used to transform unemployed villagers into librarians. It is more like an enchantment and is used to offer enchanted books.

To convert a villager into a librarian helps the overall game as they started trading enchanted books. It is kind of leaving a message by keeping a book and quill on the lectern which are used in multiplayer servers.

For users, lecterns act as a redstone signal. Players also use it as a contraption thus, emitting a full strength redstone signal. As players, you must be careful with regards to changing trade and replacing lecterns because it will turn villagers back to unemployed.

Wooden slabs are used as bookshelves where players are required to collect paper. Villagers turning into a Librarian. A player in the position of librarian is important because it is the librarian who is effective and essential to the game.

The valuable and powerful position of librarian confirmed the position of other players. Along with the power, the librarians were also in control of the enchanted books which were valuable for the players.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are my answers to queries asked by Minecraft players regarding how to make a lectern in Minecraft:

Q1. How Do Lecterns Work In Minecraft?

Ans: You can use lecterns in Minecraft to store books and quills that you can access at any time. In addition, any other players that have joined your co-op server can access it too.

Q2. Can A Lectern In Minecraft Break?

Ans: Yes, lecterns can break if you hit them with your mining axe. If you break a lectern, they will drop wooden slabs, along with the book they are currently storing.

Q3. How Do I Activate My Lectern Of Enchantment?

Ans: This special lectern will be unlocked after completing this mission of the Shadowkeep campaign – Back from the Dark. You can activate it by going to the Sanctuary and using the Essence of Anguish and the Cryptograph.


Now that you know the recipe on how to make a lectern in Minecraft, you should be able to build one pretty easily. All you need is to gather leather, paper, books, and a bookshelf. You can collect these pretty easily by chopping down cows and sugarcane trees.

If you found this guide to be helpful and want similar Minecraft guides, let me know in the comments what you wish to learn next!

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