The Casino Edge Explained

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Casino Edge

What exactly is the casino edge? Also known as the house edge, it is likely to be something you have heard of, but perhaps not something you have paid much attention to. After all, it’s not going to affect how you play, is it? Well actually, it might. Or at least, knowing more about the casino edge might allow you to make decisions regarding which games at King Casino you play, giving you an insight into which are more likely to offer you a return than others.

Perhaps confusingly, the casino edge is not something that each individual casino decides on. It is, in fact, entirely dependent on the game you are playing. So far from there being just one house edge that relates to everything happening in the casino, there are many, as many as there are games.

How Knowing The Casino Edge Will Help

Knowing what the house edge is for a specific game is not going to be of any help at all unless you put that knowledge to good use. The best way to use this information – perhaps the only way to make real use of it – is to use it to choose which game is going to be the best for you to play within your budget constraints.

Games with a higher house edge will favor the casino more, and games with a lower house edge, whilst not exactly favoring the player, will certainly offer more chance of getting a return on any bet that might be made. If you are only just starting out using a casino, either online or offline, then choosing games with a lower house edge might be a better move; you’ll gain more confidence and although you won’t win as much if you do well, you won’t lose as much when you lose either.

Games With The Best Odds

So which games are the ones to look out for when you want to play the ones with the best odds – the lowest house edge? Here are some to consider, and they might just surprise you.

· Backgammon

The house edge for backgammon is around 6.39% to 4.82%, and although it’s not perhaps a game many people associate with a casino, it’s a lot of fun and can bring you some good rewards for your time and trouble. Not only that, but the fact that you can very easily play the game at home means you can practice more and get even better odds. This game takes skill, and the more you have the better.

· Caribbean Stud Poker

There are so many different varieties of poker, and far from having the same house edge, they all have their own. It’s best to treat them as individual, separate games rather than one and the same. Caribbean stud poker has a house edge of around 5%, which could be something of a surprise considering that poker is played with other people rather than against the casino. But Caribbean stud poker is played against the house, meaning you can concentrate on your own hand and not worry about what others are doing.

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